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Guide: Different Construction Grades and Cost to Build Home in Pakistan (Part 2)

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6 years ago

In the first part, we explained the quality of “C Grade” home construction and what separates it from other grades. Today, we will shed light on “B Grade” home construction and reveal how this inexpensive and implausible solution deprives property owners of their hard earned money.

The B grade house construction depicts the use of inexpensive products build from low-grade materials instead of custom or quality grade materials that are long-lasting and hardwearing. The quality of these materials and products are certainly better than those used in C grade construction still, they don’t guarantee a solid structure or building.

Despite its hazards, a wide majority of the property owners in Pakistan gladly opt for B grade home construction. Because as opposed to A grade house construction, B grade grey structure costs you around 1,500 Pak Rs per sq ft. Whereas, the finishing cost also falls in the same bracket 1,500 Pak Rs per sq ft.

This makes the total cost of B grade construction around 3,000 Pak Rs per sq ft.

Yet, B class construction can never match A class construction. For instance, consider these disadvantages:

1: Design Cost

Many are of the view that their private contractor will save them ‘design fee’ by simply copy pasting a foreign home plan. But what they don’t know is copying a foreign home design is not as easy as it may sound.

They do not realize that our lifestyles, environment, weather conditions and spaces differ completely from the western countries. Here we have to contend with issues like electricity and water shortages.

Then, there are extreme temperatures that makes large fixed glass panels and windows a poor choice for homes as they keep your space hot in summers and cold in winters. Consequently, use of air conditions and other electric appliances increases and spikes energy bills.

People in Pakistan should build houses that avert heat gain and have natural ventilation. They must consider the practicality of the house and shouldn’t overlook how inhabitants will function.

Similarly, dwellers need to bear in mind we cook food differently, with tarkas and baghaars, and socialize and entertain in our own way. So an open American kitchen layout isn’t going to work for us.

More importantly, we have large families because most of us live in a joint family system where every person wants a separate bedroom, bathroom and dresser.

2: Replicating Local Home Design

As far as copying a local idea is concerned, your private builder can never give you the finish and fixtures that the original home plan boasts. WHY?

.  Your contractor do not possess the skill, experience and technical knowledge to replicate a professional designer’s home plan.

.  He can never opt for quality products and materials as it will drastically increase your budget.

.  The limited budget also ceases him from hiring skillful labor who are capable of delivering high-quality finish and masonry work.

The image below perfectly describes a substandard workmanship as the mason failed to fill the gap between the tiles which easily allows the moisture or water to seep through the walls and cause dampness:

Local Home Design

Only a professional company or architect pays attention to minute details and saves you from future expenses.  Unfortunately, property owners are too ambitious nowadays. They want to realize all the ideas they have gathered from internet, books and foreign trips without engaging a professional construction company in Lahore and investing in quality materials and products.

As a result, homeowners never get to enjoy B grade construction. Experts have explained this situation so well, “You Get What You Pay For.”

To Be Continued……

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