Everybody loves decorating their home with trendy styles. Renovating your house is always a great option since you get to completely change the appearance and design of the place. It is just like getting a new place without having to build a grey structure. There can be any reason to bring in a fresh look. Either you are bored with the look of your house or just a few elements of the design, you will inevitably feel the need to refresh your home with new styles at one point or another. Whenever you feel the need to make these changes, you can get it done with the following tips that we have gathered from the top interior designers in Pakistan.

Replace Your Hardware


It may not seem much but replacing the hardware of your house can have a major impact on the appeal and design of the place. Usually, when the hardware part becomes old and rusty, it makes the entire house look dull. Change the faucet, doorknobs, and cabinet hardware. You can also replace light fixtures. These things may look small but they are usually spread in the house so you can see the change everywhere you go. Architects in Lahore suggest adding a trendy brass faucet and matching drawer pulls for the kitchen. The common colors that go with almost every theme are silver and golden. You can also use ceramic knobs to give a more luxurious look. For the light fixtures, changing the chandelier or switchboards will make your house look refreshingly new.

Change The Fabric


The fabric has a similar presence in your home to the hardware. It is there in such a subtle way that you do not notice it particularly but any change in the fabric will have an immediate impact on the look of the space. According to a famous Pakistani interior designer, you can replace the drapes, curtains, bed sheets, and throw pillows to instantly transform the look of your place. For the window treatment, you can choose flowy curtains, simple linen or cotton drapes, Roman blinds, or even Bermuda shutters. For the rest of the fabric, you can go for cozy layering of comfortable blankets with colors that pop and attractive patterns since it is the centerpiece of the room. The easiest part to replace in this section are the throw pillows. They can be taken as the make-up features of the room which you can change with the mood and every new trend that you like. If your house has looked dull but you are not in for changing anything, adding vibrant cushions can lift the space without needing to change anything. Similarly, if you are going for a Zen-inspired interior, pillows with earthy tones will do the job for you.

Add A Rug


A rug adds depth to the entire room and every bit of furniture in it looks more linked to each other. It makes the room look balanced, more inviting, and adds warmth to space. Interior decorators in Pakistan leave the choice of the rug totally upon the person’s taste. The shape, size, color, and patterns of the rug depend upon your choice and the appearance of the room as well. Usually, for a plain floor and furniture with neutral hues, a textured rug is used and vice versa. Keep in mind one thing that the rug should be a little in contrast with the design and color palette of the floor so that they are visible.

Take Away The Junk


Sometimes the easiest way to freshen up the look of your house is to de-clutter instead of adding or replacing stuff. So if you think your house has started to look crowded, it is time to follow the principle of less is more. Once you take out the junk, you will find a lot of things that you don’t need anymore. Best interior designers in Pakistan focus on keeping the furniture and other accessories based on their functionality and their aesthetics. So while taking out the stuff you don’t need, you can make a qualifying criterion. Keep the things that you need and look good. However, take out the things that you don’t need. It will help your place look clean, organized and will certainly change the look for good.

Invest In Improving The Walls


Walls are the most visible aspect of a home and transforming them is sure to give your house a new inspiring look. The most ideal way to give your walls a new appearance is to repaint them. You can also go for wallpaper if you don’t want to paint them. Interior decorators in Pakistan say that there are countless possibilities like you can either use the same color or you can pick a new one. You can also try wallpapers with various patterns to step up the design game. If you don’t want to go for a bigger venture to completely transform your walls, you can add zest to the style of your house by making feature walls. Devote a wall to family pictures and fill it up with all kinds of family pictures that you want to exhibit. You can also hang paintings and other wall art to turn the dull walls into a statement of elegance and beauty.