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Designing the Perfect Accommodation for Your Pets

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5 years ago

If we adjust our surroundings to feel more comfortable in the summer, it makes sense to do the same for animals under our care. It’s essential that your pets have the right accommodation to provide them the comfort they require.  A responsible guardian must ensure that the newly-built accommodations will outlast the local weather system, no matter how harsh.

If you plan on using architectural services in Lahore, its best to select a firm with experience in building kennels and other types of animal shelters. Pick a design that fulfills its primary function of being a safe, cozy shelter.  Read on to discover how to best protect your pets from extreme weather conditions.


Your dog’s breed significantly affects its tolerance for harsh weather conditions. When talking specifically about Pakistan, one should be extra careful about the breeds belonging to cooler climate. One example of such a breed is the Siberian Husky who originates from the eastern part of Siberia and possesses a thick double fur coat.  Although they can adapt to the heat, owners must take special precautions while designing their shelter. It’s recommended that the Siberian Huskies have a separate room, either located externally or internally in the house, that is fully air-conditioned. This separate room can include air conditioners as well as sturdy yet cool tile or marble flooring.

Dog House

Even if your dog’s particular breed can adapt to the heat, you should still ensure that its kennel is located in a shady area, is elevated and is made of brick or wood. Kennel designers also suggest adding insulation panels to help with the air flow. As the threat of load shedding still looms, you must also arrange for 24/7 power backup for the dedicated room or free-standing structure. Power backup options can include a UPS, or even a solar panel. You can also have a small solar heating panel installed in the dog’s kennel to help keep them extra warm for the winter months. All of these solutions will help keep your dog cool in the summer and snug in the winter.  


Dream of waking up to sweet chirping sounds of your very own pet birds? That joy can easily be yours with the addition of a few choice birds and a birdcage in your home.


That sounds deceptively simple as there are about as many types of birdcages in the market as there are birds! The safest and most hygienic option is to go with a stainless steel ‘medical grade’ cage that is easy to clean.  If silver is not your color, there is always the powder-coated steel cage option. These durable cages can withstand chipping or rusting for years on end.  While wrought-iron cages can be seen in the marketplace, they have primarily been replaced by power-coated steel cages. Avoid buying wrought-iron cages as there is a chance that the paint and decorative elements may contain toxic materials.  Its best to also avoid wooden cages as they lock in moisture, are hard to clean and can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria or parasites. It is important that the standard plastic cups be replaced with the more hygienic, stainless steel cups for holding water and birdseed.  Sticking to a regular cage cleaning schedule will keep both your birds healthy as well as your home odor-free.  

When it comes to size, ideally the bird should be able to fly freely within their cage. If that scale is impractical, the main cage should be as large as possible for the bird’s comfort. Lovebirds, canaries and other smaller birds thrive in small cages that are wider than they are tall. A larger outdoor aviary or flight cage is recommended for a mix of birds like finches, grey parrots and parakeets. You can easily consult a local architectural firm for an estimate on the cost of a custom-built indoor or outdoor aviary.
As a pet owner, it remains your primary responsibility to provide safe, comfortable and weather-appropriate shelter to your pets. Make sure you select the right construction company in Lahore to help you get the best for your furry or feathered friends!

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