The Asian styled bathrooms are usually known as the spaces in your home where you rest, unwind and recover at the end of each hectic and tiring day. It is also known as the calming space where you may get yourself ready for another busy and eventful day of your life. A well-designed and finished bathroom gives you a sense of tranquility, balance and visual harmony. The perfect and intelligent utilization of clean lines, soothing color schemes and minimalist decoration evoke the qualities in a bathroom which have been mentioned above. If you are one of the admirers of Asian-style bathrooms and are seeking eastern-inspired bathing sanctuary in your home, the ideas mentioned below would help you in creating the bathroom for you that makes a statement:

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Utilize Calming Colors:

Calming ColorsInterior designers and architects in Lahore and around the world recommend making use of soothing tones such as warm neutrals, earthly brown and crisp white that would help you decorate your bathroom in the most elegant manner. This way you may infuse your bathroom with a welcoming vide. Moreover, you may utilize black color to make an appearance in your Asian inspired bathroom and add drama to it. The cool white tub and a window that goes from floor to ceiling would help you flood your bathroom with the natural light.

Make it an Exotic Bathing Zone:

Exotic Bathing ZoneThere could be nothing better than transforming your current bathroom or creating a new bathroom in a way that it makes you feel like you are visiting a wellness spa or you are spending vacations at beachside resort. Your bathroom should not make you feel like as if you are getting ready for another tiring day at work, instead it should make you feel completely relaxed and contented as soon as you enter. A Bali-inspired wet room idea would certainly help you creating the wow factor at your home.

Create walls that wow!

walls that wow!Walls do play a major role when it comes to creating a wow factor for your bathrooms. When it comes to the Asian-inspired bathrooms, the walls are usually decorated with design patters or with the traditional paintings. You may also utilize plain color walls for your bathroom however the best idea is to get them tiled with paintings or design patterns. The bathroom tile shown in the photo comprises fish patterned tiles. You may also use Asian language characters, cherry blossoms or other iconic cultural motifs on your bathroom walls to make them truly Asian-inspired.

Soft & Dim Lighting

In an Asian-styled bathroom, you would never find a strong lighting. Instead, the Asian people like dimmed lighting in their bathrooms in order to create an intimate, spa-like feel and to inspire a calming mood. According to the interior designers in Pakistan and around the world, the soft and dim lighting in bathrooms helps boosting the flow of positive energy.

Consulting an experienced and qualified interior designer to help you crate or transform your existing bathroom the way you want is necessary. Many people overlook the importance of hiring an interior designer however without the help you a professional, you cannot create a flawless bathing space at your home.