Architect and interior designing have a come long way for bringing more style and variety in construction and organization of buildings. Let us take the example of a house, undoubtedly, the primary purpose of constructing a home is to have a dwelling but there is also an intention of showing ones style-statement through unique building designs and chic interior designs.

The modern-style houses show a coherence and consistency throughout – even bathrooms are constructed and designed in a way that these can well speak for the whole aesthetics of a house. From their constructional designs to interior – everything is chosen while keeping the functionality and decoration purpose in view.

Along with many other things, bathroom accessories also help adding style. Sink is one of the most important items of a bathroom and now you can find it in multiple designs and varieties in market. However, by consulting a top architect in Pakistan, you can make it easier to choose the best sink for your house.

Pedestal Sink

Also known as a floor-mounted sink; although it is an old-style sink but now you can find it in a variety of modern designs. With a classic look, it is found mostly in apartments, old homes and in new traditional style houses. This is the best choice, if you want to save some space in a smaller bathroom. These types of sinks are placed on pedestals which provide them a support off the floor. To make it more stable, this is also fixed in the wall from the back.  The waste pipe is enclosed inside the pedestal.

Wall-Mounted Sinks

architect in PakistanFor a smaller bathroom, this type of sink is the best space-saving option as it covers no space on floor; instead it is just attached with a wall through iron brackets which are directly fixed in the wall.  Wall-mounted sinks not only save space but also the money and also add a classic touch to your bathroom. The plumbing waste and supply pipes can be exposed fastened tightly underneath the sink or can be concealed inside a mantle. However, when it comes to stability, these are a bit vulnerable to bend down or fall in case you put too much weight on them.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks which are fixed in a vanity, are more stylish alternatives of traditional vanity and sinks. Though, these cover more space but for bigger bathrooms these add stylish and chic look. However, before choosing such a vanity and sink, you need to consult an architect in Lahore, because he will consider the size and overall shape of your bathroom.

Framed Sink


Framed SinkIt is a less expensive, older style sink which is fixed atop a countertop. Usually, the countertops are made up of plastic laminate which are easy to maintain. Usually the frame is made up of steel, and again the plumbing waste and supply pipes are hidden inside the vanity base.

Surface Mounted Sink

Also known as, self-trimming and under-mount sink – these simultaneously carry a classic as well as stylish look. They are fixed in a range of countertops including marble, laminate, plastic, and synthetic composite. When it comes to replacing such kinds of sinks, it becomes a little difficult because these are fixed firmly in the counters.

Each type of sink has further types with respect to their quality and usage. You can find one kind of sink in a variety of materials and designs in different price ranges. Again for making a best choice, you need consulting a professional because he can provide you the best advice after considering the size and overall interior of your bathroom.