Summer is just around the corner. When we hear the word summer, one of the few things that flash through our minds includes ice creams, pool parties, and a cozy evening on the porch. The porch is the place that offers you all the fun summer activities in one place. Kids can play in the pool, and you can have some refreshing drinks or ice pops while stretching on the porch couch. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your porch and get it ready to have a wonderful summer. It may include revamping the outdoor space by painting, adding furniture, or just accessorizing the porch for your summer sittings. The porch is a prime spot for entertainment and to unwind. It is especially true when Covid-19 is still lurking in the streets. Here we have gathered the top summer porch décor ideas for modern house designs in Pakistan.

Make it Cozy


Porches are meant to be places where you can have a nice time and relax in the hot summer evenings. To fulfill the purpose, you can arrange a few things, which will make every moment spent on the porch more relaxing. Interior decorators in Pakistan recommend installing porch swings, which come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. However, the wicker ones are most commonly used in Pakistan as they go well with the natural ambiance. Porch swings are a great source of comfort and entertainment. Just grab a book, sit in the swing, and you can enjoy your evening even if you are alone. You can also utilize bean bags and floor cushions to increase the seating when you have guests. You should install a ceiling fan for the much-needed cool breeze in the heat of summer. Use whatever makes you feel comfortable; the idea is to create an oasis after a tiring and exhausting day in the summer heat.

Get Creative With Art


While you are preparing your haven, you need to be creative as it should not only feel good but look good too. The good thing about beauty is that it is subjective, and you can decorate your porch sanctuary in any way that makes you feel good. You can use old cans as flower pots to give a retro touch to your porch sitting, or you can also hang pictures on the wall. You can use chimes which are a very inexpensive element to craft a cozy and creative porch in luxury home designs in Pakistan. You can also hang string lights of various colours that will work the magic at night. Remember, we told you to install the ceiling fan above? You can doodle on its wings to add a touch of creativity.

Make it WeatherProof


What good is a porch if you cannot enjoy the weather in it, especially the rain showers in the blazing hot season? You need to weatherproof your porch, and for this purpose, you may need to hire a home construction company in Pakistan. There are numerous ways you can employ that with the latest design trends. For starters, you can get a shade over your porch. The best way is to install Bermuda shutters and corrugated roof panels made of galvanized steel. It will add a timeless appeal and the protection your porch will need to protect you from the weather. If you want to do it yourself, adding plastic sheets and weather curtains is also a great option. Just remember that while outside furniture is meant to bear the brunt of harsh weather, adding protection helps increase its longevity. You can utilize anti-rust sprays and cellophane wraps to ensure that your chairs and tables don’t face the weather directly.

Set up Your Own Garden


When you say porch, the first thing which pops up in mind is a green lawn and lots of plants. You can grow your favourite flowers and plants, which will not only create a soothing environment, but you can pluck the flowers to take nature indoors. If you like to cook, then setting up your herb garden will be a thrilling adventure for you. All you need to do is visit a good plant nursery, buy a few pots and seeds, and plant them in your garden. You can also get plantlings and plant them in your garden, and there you go, fresh herbs and vegetables a few steps away. You can sow herbs like mint, coriander, rosemary; vegetables like tomatoes, lemons, chilies; fruits like berries depending upon the size of your porch garden.

Throw in Some Colours


Colours play a significant role in our lives. They can change the mood, help relax and express various feelings. The outside of the house also needs attention, and you cannot ignore it just because it’s outside. It is the very first thing anybody sees whenever they enter your place. You can paint your porch elements in shades of welcoming colours like yellow, red, aqua, pink, etc. Another great idea in modern house design in Pakistan is to paint your porch ceiling in shades of blue to give a resemblance to the sky. Remember the flower pots we told you to add to your herb garden? You can paint them in your favorite colours and make the already beautiful garden more attractive.

Your porch can be the haven where you can not only chill out but can host garden parties and BBQs as well. By making these small efforts, you can step up your porch design and turn it into a place that will leave every visitor in awe.

Get ready as the summer is coming, and you may need to prepare your porch for the outside adventures you can’t have until the coronavirus pandemic is over.