Have you visited the Harley Davidson-inspired café in the nation’s capital?  This new cafe caters to hard-core Harley Davidson enthusiasts, who ride in on their beloved heavy bikes to hang with friends and munch down on some delicious snacks.  This isn’t an isolated case. Not a day goes by without news about a brand-new restaurant opening up in one of the country’s metropolitan hubs. Whether it is a modest hole-in-the-wall operation or a full-fledged café, there are months,if not years, of effort behind its debut. These eateries pair creative menus with innovatively-design interiors and exteriors to the delight of their patrons.

One of the vital ingredients of a successfully- themed restaurant is its décor. Bringing on-board, professional interior decorators from Pakistan is recommended because this is anything but a straightforward endeavor. From the style of the chairs to the height of the tables – each aspect requires meticulous planning. The idea is to depict a theme so accurately that it retains the ‘WOW’ factor for years after the launch. Restaurant owners can keep their patrons on their toes by changing their dining establishment’s theme every few years.  The curiosity factor is sure to draw in large crowds of ‘foodies’ to their quirky restaurants.

The rise in food quality, along with the presentation and taste, is proof that Pakistani entrepreneurs plan to conquer specialty cuisines. Restaurateurs are devoting all their resources towards presenting both amazing meals as well as exceptional customer experiences to their guests.

Are you keen on flexing your entrepreneurial muscle? Here are some avant-garde café concepts to consider before hiring a construction company in Lahore.

Performance Cafés: Open Mics, Poetry Slams, Stand-up Comedy Nights

performance cafe

Performance cafés seek to combine a vibrant social scene with audience participation. An international trend that is quickly taking hold in Pakistan, everything from karaoke nights, poetry slams and even impromptu jazz sessions can now take place at your favorite hangout.

If a performance café design is what you are after, here is a list of essentials:

  • An elevated stage or performance area with a microphone, speakers, and basic musical instruments,
  • Wooden cocktail tables arranged near the stage area,
  • Dark red, purple or blue paint on the walls and an oak-finish varnish on all the furniture,
  • A projector system to display karaoke lyrics, event announcements or even background images,
  • Theatre lighting, spotlights, and tea light candles pre-lit on each of the tables.

Sensory Cafés

sensory cafe

These unusual dining-spots force guests to temporarily restrict all of their senses except for taste. Such an experience usually involves either blindfolds, noise-canceling headphones or even both! Free from sensory overdrive, it is hoped that the patrons truly taste their meal – one morsel at a time.

Arcade-style Café

Arcade style Cafe

Head down memory lane by setting up an exclusive, arcade-only café in your hometown.  Taking a cue from iconic full-size arcade machines, such as Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat,  café  owners can source and install vintage gaming posters. Another wall decor option involves commissioning a custom mural consisting of all-time favorite gaming sensations like Frogger, Pinball, Tetris  and Mario Bros.  Balance the bright lights and sounds emanating from the machines with neutrals like navy-blues, greys,  and whites for the seating area and the flooring.

Beauty with a Bite: Beauty Bars

Beauty and food might sound like a weird combination, but you’ll  be surprised to find out how many people like the idea of multitasking while going to their  beauty parlor appointment.  A cutesy cupcake corner or a bespoke coffee kiosk in the side of a salon can do the trick. For health buffs, you swap the cupcake corner in with an all-natural juice and smoothie bar.

Fine Dining with a View: Garden-style Cafés


For garden-style cafés, a great place to start is with living walls . These vertical plant installations are not only pleasing to look at but also function as natural air purifiers.  In addition to the living walls, these eateries can include miniature fountains, hanging plants, and crisscrossing vines. Diners can place an order for their favorite beverage while reclining on hammocks and loungers. To really bring the ‘’outside in”, the management can have natural rain and  ocean wave soundtracks playing softly in the background.

One last tip: while the initial attraction may have been based on the interior design, restaurant-goers also expect tasty, fresh menu items to match the ambiance. Consult with a professional architectural services team in Lahore and rest assured that your café project is in the right hands.