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Climate-ready Luxury Home Interiors in Pakistan

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5 years ago

Summer has finally arrived. “Always be prepared”, to borrow from the Scouts, is sound advice when it comes to surviving a typical summer in Pakistan. Aside from a few cooling monsoon showers, us Pakistanis stay in summer survival mode for months on end- often with a cold drink in hand. Local wisdom points toward taking shelter in cool rooms with high ceilings and roshandan windows. With the growing popularity of modern home designs in Pakistan in recent years, chances are your residence has neither the soaring ceilings nor the small ventilation windows in place. Barring a complete home renovation, homeowners can opt to redecorate their houses with climate-ready luxury fittings and fabrics instead. Read ahead as we have assembled a handy guide to help you beat the heat this summer!

“Alvida’ to Darker Tones

You aren’t imagining it and your mother certainly wasn’t exaggerating – darker colors really do absorb more heat than the lighter colors. Swap out brown, maroon and black-toned curtains, carpeting and even wall paint for lighter hues. The addition of pastel-colored sofas, teal-green cushions and creamy-white freshly painted walls makes for a refreshingly ‘cool’ lounge area.

Alvida to darker tones

Pull the Drapes

During the fiery summer months, it is an absolute necessity to keep one’s windows covered. Make sure your east-facing windows are covered in the morning and west-facing windows are covered in the afternoon. Interior designers recommend going for thicker-than-average cotton curtains in white-based or pastel hues. Roman blinds and lace curtains can easily be used in a study, bedroom or drawing room area. Draw a thin layer of blinds when you still need some natural light or pull a thicker double-layer of curtains before retiring for the night.

Clean Lines in Minimalist Design

Resist the urge to add to your collection of velvet-covered fainting couches and leather sofa sets, at least from April onwards. These materials are doing you no favors when the heat is on! Shop for more climate-appropriate furniture and fabrics, such as wicker and pure cotton, that work well outdoors and indoors. A rattan patio set, covered with custom-tailored cushion covers in teal-yellow or floral prints, is an irresistible invitation to spend those pleasant summer evenings outdoors.

Clean lines in minimalist design

Switch Off Heat-generating Appliances

Most electronic appliances generate heat; you cannot stop using them but you can place them smartly around the house. Don’t put lamps, televisions or other heat-generating appliances next to your air-conditioner’s thermostat.  The cumulative heat from these appliances will cause the air conditioner to work overtime.

Choose your lights wisely as they also generate a lot of heat. Fluorescent light bulbs produce the same amount of light as incandescent lights but use a fifth of the energy. If you’ve got incandescent bulbs in place, now is time to replace them.


Greenery is for every season, but shade in the summer is a must-have. Plants are generally known to keep the temperature low while also detoxifying the air we breathe. Take the initiative to plant as many trees as you can around the house. Trees growing near the windows will provide adequate shade year-round. Work with your gardener to add different types of plants,  flowers, fruits or even vines to your garden. Living walls are now a trend being incorporated on to many commercial sites, but can  also be adapted  into your  home.

Seek refuge in mother nature


Just like one’s wardrobe and hairstyle, interior designers in Lahore ask clients to update their house décor according to the changing seasons. Layers are great during the winter. In fact, we seek out warm, cozy corners stacked high with plush carpets and fluffy pillows. However, summertime living demands that the shaggy rugs be packed away and those gorgeous marble tiles take center-stage.

Transform your home into a proverbial oasis this summer with the consultation of a talented interior decorator in Pakistan.

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