Flooring is one of the major components of the house which covers a huge area. The type of flooring you are going to use needs special attention as it can affect the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the house. The flooring of your house depends a lot on the impact you want to create such as warmth, luxury, and making the room appear larger. There are a number of flooring options in Pakistan. Here are some recommendations of flooring options along with their pros and cons suggested by architects and interior designers in Pakistan. 

Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood flooring is considered to be one of the most high-end flooring options in Pakistan. It creates a luxurious, warm effect and is considered to be a perfect fit for bedrooms and drawing rooms. There are a variety of options used in hardwood flooring based on the trees they are sourced from. It is one of the favorite choices of many architects and interior designers in Pakistan because of its compatibility with almost all kinds of interior designs.


It creates a luxurious and high-end effect that also adds value to your home. There are a lot of options in terms of style and color to choose from. Hardwood is very durable and strong so it feels firm under the feet. Hardwood can be refinished a number of times so it can last a very long period if saved from water damage. 


Hardwood not only has a luxurious appeal but is also an expensive option. Depending upon the type of tree from which it is sourced, its cost can vary, however, it is still an expensive option. Hardwood is prone to water damage so it is not suitable for basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Hardwood is also susceptible to scrapes and scratches, however, using a rug can pretty much solve that problem for quite a time.


Granite is a sought-after material for kitchen shelves because of its durability. Owing to its impenetrable strength, granite has also gained a lot of recognition as one of the best flooring options in Pakistan. Interior designers in Lahore and Islamabad are now using granite for many commercial and residential projects because of its resistance to damage, especially in high-traffic areas. Not only its functional capability is astonishing, being a natural stone, but granite adds exceptional aesthetic appeal to the design as well. It not only adds functional, aesthetic, and financial value to your space, but it also proves beneficial under extreme conditions.


Granite makes a bold and elegant statement when used for flooring. It gives your house a contemporary look and adds value to it. Granite is a perfect fit for high-traffic areas because it is sturdy and resistant to scratches. Granite is also water-proof so there is no risk of water damage to the flooring. Granite does not require a lot of maintenance and it is very easy to clean which is one of the reasons it is widely used in commercial areas with a high footfall.


Installing granite can become a hassle if it is not cut properly, however, this is a labor problem that can be avoided by hiring a professional team. The smoothness of granite depends upon how well it is polished. It can be quite rough and can also be smooth enough to make it slippery to walk so make sure you choose the right surface. Granite is a natural stone and it has a natural cooling effect which renders it unfit for colder regions.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Considered to be one of the sturdiest and most elegant flooring options in Pakistan, these tiles are manufactured by using good quality clay and baking it at high temperatures. No matter the place these are used, porcelain tiles render a chic appearance to the space. Almost every construction company in Pakistan loves to use porcelain tiles as they are suitable for every space, and look great with every design. There is also a wide range of color and design options in these tiles.


Porcelain tiles are the most durable options on our list. These tiles are water-proof, scrape, and scratch-resistant and thus are great to be installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, and the places with high traffic and water usage. These tiles are easy to clean, even mopping the floor is enough to clean these. Porcelain tiles also have a wide range of varieties. They are available in many colors, designs, and prints.


Porcelain tiles are made up of baked clay which is porous and is naturally cold and thus is uncomfortable to walk on barefoot during winters. Using carpets or rugs can take care of this problem. These tiles can also chip around the edges and the gaps formed may require to be filled in such cases.

Engineered Wood Flooring


Engineered wood is manufactured with simple solid wood used as a veneer on top of inexpensive plywood and often recycled wood used as a third layer to add further strength. Because of this triple-tiered quality of wood, it is not only sturdy but is cheaper as well. In durability, it is a match for hardwood flooring if handled with care. Engineered wood comes in a wide variety of wood types, patterns, and board widths. You can choose parquet tiles, strips, planks, and others that have narrow strips of wood arranged in a geometric pattern atop a plywood or mesh base. It is considered to be the best choice for the living area, bedroom, and drawing-room.


Engineered wood is similar in function but is quite cheaper than traditional hardwood. It has high-temperature resistance because of the fiber and plywood layers. The top layer is made up of simple wood which makes sure that it has the same elegant look as hardwood. Engineered wood is also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.


Engineered wood has one layer of simple wood so it can only be refinished once which makes it less durable over the long run. The design of the top layer fades over time so its visual appeal is diminished. The plywood and fiber layers make it sound hollow underfoot.



Laminate is manufactured like engineered wood with multiple layers of plywood or fiber compressed into a thin sheet but with a photographic coating of plastic on top. It means laminate can be in innumerable designs including ones imitating hardwood, granite, and any other flooring type. It is durable, easy to install and maintain. Laminate can help equip your house with the most luxurious and elegant look of expensive flooring materials without actually going for them. This is perfect for someone who wants high-end flooring material but does not have the budget for it. In Pakistan, Interior design services use laminate for mid-budget projects.


Laminate is the most inexpensive flooring option on the list. It is scratch-resistant because the surface is made up of high-quality plastic lamination. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Laminate has the greatest number of options in terms of style and color. It can imitate every other flooring material and innumerable designs.


Laminate is a thin layer of plywood or fiber beneath the plastic sheet which makes it prone to water damage. It needs to be fitted well otherwise there is a high risk of chipping. Laminate feels and sounds hollow when you walk on it.