If you are true trend follower, then your passion not only revolves around your own personality; instead you keep everything up-to-dated in your surrounding and that includes your house interior too.

Although, for trendy people, every occasion is important but New Year is the time which inculcates more enthusiasm, excitement and courage to do something innovative. On the arrival of New Year, people in Pakistan like to have family get-togethers where making their homes up-to-dated becomes a top priority, especially for those who have craze to express their love for new drifts.

Let’s find out some of the key interior designing trends for 2015.

Amalgamation of Classic, Retro and Contemporary Designs

The classic, retro and contemporary interior designing ideas combine to set new trends for year 2015. This amalgamation is done by combining new materials, gentle colors, bizarre motifs, patterns with special esthetic appeal and artistic blending of colors and patterns. Thus, the New Year’s interior designing styles are designed while keeping up personality, tranquility and adaptability

A Tremendous Shift to Golden Touch

Although, the designs and quality of the faucets kept changing with the time but one thing which never changed before was their color. Up-till now, the use of silver or stainless steel fixtures was on peak but in the upcoming year, the homeowners are expected to follow an abrupt change that involves the usage of golden faucets. It is certainly going to create a big change in your entire house ambiance. Even the homeowners can mix up bronze and gold to come up with a new color tone, not only for faucets but also for the lighting fixtures.

Colors to Watch for in 2015

Entering in a New Year, people are going to see a completely new mix and matching of paint colors. The shift is more towards gentle colors such as muted pastels, smoky grey shades, creamy white tones, soft neutrals, metal hues and rich leather along with use of more vibrant and fresh colors. Now, instead of focusing on the featured wall, a shift would be seen towards zone painting schemes, whereas the use of beige is no more the vogue. Apart from these, the use of mustard yellow, mauve, varying shades of purple, rich blue and pink shades are likely to be prevalent in the year 2015.

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 Organic Designs with More of Natural Themes

The 2015’s interior designing is likely to be inspired with natural themes of organic designs. For instance, a lot of greenery along with the large windows, the creation of natural water flow and various other similar themes, are going to become the upcoming trend. You can use floral wall papers with more colorful flowers giving a more of natural feel and even if you want to use rugs on the walls or floors, purchase the ones with more of natural themes imprinted on them. Even for a more creative approach, you can decorate a wall with natural climbing plants hanging on them.

The Use of Wall Papers  

The use of wall papers will be back in interior designing. The users can see more variety with respect to colors and textures, which carry more of an organic feel.

A Shift towards Sleeker and Simpler Furniture Designs

Instead of using curved and traditional style furniture, a shift will be seen towards using, simpler, elegant, comfortable and sleek furniture that too in a natural wood color.


Using cowhide rugs and upholstery will be the trend in the upcoming year. An ideal accent texture, this is going to create a special curb appeal of your house interior.

If you are really excited to make your house up-to-dated ahead of the New Year, then there will be no better way of doing it then to hire a renowned interior designer in Lahore.