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Confused While Choosing a Paint Color for Your Room? Here are Some Useful Tips!

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9 years ago

“Which color would best suit my room?’ is a question that comes in the minds of most of the people when they want to choose paint colors for their rooms. This is not a stress but a kind of excitement that keeps one indecisive. Sometimes, with this confusion they end up making a wrong choice and realize later after the room is completely painted or when someone makes them feel about the blunder.

Choosing a paint color is not what looks good to your eyes at the moment; instead you should consider various other technical factors.

“Choosing a perfect paint color is the basic step in designing the interior of your room because the rest of the work depends largely on it,” says Amer Adnan, the CEO of a prominent interior design and construction company in Pakistan.

Suppose, you want to choose a move, purple or pink color as the basic color of your room, then rest of the interior items like your bedcover, upholstery and curtains should be chosen accordingly. Here are some useful tips using which you can make best decision.

Think About the Rest of the Interior Designing Items

This is perhaps the best and most effective technique of deciding about the paint color for a bedroom. Think about the furniture, fabrics, decorative items, rugs and shelves. Their colors and designs would help you towards making a decision about the paint. You can also consult a modern interior designer in Pakistan, as he being a professional can provide you a quick solution.

Consider the Other Factors  

What is the intensity of natural light entering your room? Is your room naturally lighted or does it give darker effect. What about the ceiling? Is this simple or carved? Curtains, the usage of room and every other thing matters a lot. If this serves to be just a sleeping room, and you come here just to take rest, then better choose the colors which create more of a peaceful and calm effect.

A Prior Experiment

There would be nothing more troublesome than repainting your room, after you realize that it is not painted in a way it should have been. Therefore, to avoid any such a situation, you need to do a prior experiment, by painting a portion of a wall or a smaller area like bathroom. You can also go for a trial on a poster board. Doing this will help you at least getting some idea about the perfect paint.

Consider the Space Factor

Paint plays a key role in creating the feel of a room or an area in a house; therefore, pick the one while considering all factors one of which is –available space. If the room is too small, you can choose the brighter but lighter shades of the paint colors which could create a spacious feel.

Choose More than One Colors

You are not bound to choose only one color in a room – instead paint your house with two different colors but make sure you do not use various colors simultaneously like painting each wall with a different paint because it will make your room look more like a nursery classroom.

Go for Decorative Painting on the Main Wall

Simple painting is always welcomed but to add more of a stylish look, you can draw different decorative patterns like – stencil painting, sponge painting and various others in your bedroom. Usually, the main wall is given a decorative effect with different patterns and characters drawn on it.

After considering some technical and decorative points and consulting a professional, you can reach up-to a best final decision about painting your room.