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AAA Design Series: Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

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4 years ago

In a world where global warming, soaring energy costs, and fast deteriorating environmental conditions are front-page news, leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is a necessity. An eco-friendly lifestyle indicates that an individual or a community is mindful of their actions and their possible impact on the environment. While one region is dealing with rapidly depleting natural resources, another region is facing the brunt of climate change in the form of natural weather disasters. One way to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle is by making small, yet significant changes within your home through renovations.


Save Planet

Eco-friendly building design hinges on using the natural habitat to reduce energy consumption. For example, an experienced architect will first survey the property and then develop a layout that utilises existing tree cover for shade in a tropical region. This approach reduces the need for artificial cooling solutions like air-conditioning. Similarly, a design professional can orient a new home in a way that it receives the maximum sunlight during the shorter winter days. This decision can save the homeowner heating costs by reducing the dependency on electricity, or other non-renewable energy-based heating solutions. Solar-powered energy systems are a clear-cut option for those homeowners looking to reduce their monthly energy bills without undertaking a major renovation. “Green”, or sustainable, building materials have proven to be more durable, and cost-efficient compared to their non-green counterparts. Not only that, building eco-friendly homes means there is less of a demand on natural resources like water. An eco-friendly home makes the most of wind patterns, natural lighting, and solar energy to create a healthy environment for the inhabitants – indoors and outdoors.


Smart Work

By incorporating the following changes in your home, you can easily transform your house into a ‘green’ home:

● Upgrade to Eco-Friendly Windows: The use of bio-glass in windows and glass tiles as a flooring option is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly option for your home.
● Switch to Low VOC Paints: When repainting your house, make sure to use eco-friendly paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Not only are they less harmful to the environment, but they are also a more durable option that provides greater surface coverage.
● Sustainable Furniture: Updating your furniture? Opt for sustainable furniture pieces made from a renewable source like bamboo or recycled materials such as glass, wood, iron and used tyres.
● Go Solar: The installation of a solar panel system is a one-time investment that can significantly reduce energy bills.
● Insulate your Home: When done correctly, insulation helps make it cooler during the summertime and warmer during the wintertime- ultimately resulting in lower electricity costs and higher energy savings.

The trend of eco-friendly house construction in Pakistan is on the rise! More and more property listings now include sustainable design elements as a key feature. As a homeowner, it is worth seriously considering the benefits of eco-friendly home renovations – from more affordable energy consumption to greater conservation of non-renewable natural resources.

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