Building an environmentally friendly house has become a necessity of the new age. We see eco-friendly products and technologies hitting the market every day. The environmental protection departments as well as government are encouraging people on building eco-friendly homes in order to conserve minimum energy and reap maximum benefits. Keeping in view the current energy crisis across Pakistan, we should strictly follow the tips for constructing eco-friendly houses. A leading construction company in Pakistan such as Amer Adnan Associates makes use of environment friendly methods in construction of commercial as well as residential buildings such as water efficient showers, wood from renewable forests, energy efficient lighting and much more.

A large number of homeowners are inclining towards the renovation of their houses to make them environmentally friendly. Majority of them are doing so in order to cut down the uncontrollable costs of heating and cooling. If you are also one of those, there are many ways you can make your home ecofriendly. Here are a few out of many ways in which you can convert your home into an eco-friendly building:

Eco Friendly Windows

A great deal of energy loss at homes is done via windows. Whether you are constructing a new home or are converting your old home into an eco-friendly building, you should consider installing energy efficient glass on your windows. The e-glass lets you cut down the transmission of heat and UV radiation due to its thin metallic coating. The double-glaze windows are also perfect to prevent heat and cool loss from your home. However, if you are not in a position to spare sufficient budget for this, you can also try a cost efficient solution, which is to apply scratch resistant window film to your window glass. This will also help keeping out the summer heat.

Energy Efficient Lighting

In order to minimize the consumption of electricity, you should make sure that you have installed energy efficient lights in your home. The top energy efficient lights today include LEDs at the top of list. These are not only the most affordable lights around but are also helpful in interior decorations. Amer Adnan, a well-known interior designer in Pakistan, is also of the opinion that LEDs have significantly helped the interior decoration industry in Pakistan due to their tiny dimensions as well as cost efficiency. Besides, the LEDs can work flawlessly for as long as twenty-five years so you do not have to change them so often, just like bulbs.

Insulation of Roof & Walls

The home insulation has become inevitable in the modern age due to high energy crisis. The most commonly used methods of home insulation include the blown fill, batting and rigid sheets of insulation. These methods of insulation come bundled with several benefits. They prevent the transfer of heat from the walls and roof of a house. Therefore, homes which are professionally insulated are never hot in summer and cold in winter. Insulating your home is no longer just an option. In fact it should be considered seriously.