Chipped paint, broken fixtures and creaking cabinets – does this sound like your bathroom?  A makeover for your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean dumping your entire savings down the drain. There are a number of affordable methods that can be applied to redo the bathroom. Popular interior decorators in Lahore all agree that a few well-thought out changes are all that is required to transform a bathroom from basic to beautiful!

Follow these seven methods to update an outdated bathroom – without overspending.

#1: Paint the Dullness Away

An easy and inexpensive colour change can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s appearance. A fresh coat of paint in a different colour works wonders on the walls and the countertops. Replacing countertops might not be possible for most homeowners looking for an instant-fix, so adding a touch of primer, polish and paint is a practical solution.

Neutral and warm hues on the walls creates a spa-like environment but if you are going for bold, luxurious finish add in strokes of gold and silver paint.

#2: Use Towels as Accent Pieces

Towel decoration is essential for restyling the bathroom. Towels serve a function but can also add style, colour and interest to a bathroom. Not interested in cluttering the place with hanging towels?  Opt for a coordinating decorative basket by rolling up the hand towels and placing them right under the vanity. For a more urban look, you can also neatly stack monochromatic towels in the open shelves.


#3: Bath Rugs & Bath Mats for the Win

You don’t have to match everything but create a nice combination of rugs and mats that syncs with the rest of the bathroom. Rugs and mats are available in many colours, textures and sizes – change these up whenever you are in the mood for a new look! Bath rugs made of 100% cotton dry quickly, absorb water efficiently and are known for being long-lasting.

#4: Indulge with Fragrant Candles

Available in countless shapes, sizes and colours, scented candles can add an extra ‘oomph!’ to your newly renovated bathroom. From fruity scents such as apple cider or citrus, to more natural scents like rosemary or lavender to fancier floral aromas-you can easily select candles that best suit your mood.


#5: Add Artistic Flair

Have you always wanted to add artwork to your bathroom space but found it very pricey? There is a brilliant trick to create inexpensive artwork that will fare well on the bathroom walls without breaking your bank. Pick your favourite designs from magazines or catalogues and get them framed. Photographs, prints, and other works that are professionally framed, with a sealed back look incredible.

#6: Invest in a New Bathroom Accessories Set

A quick makeover trick is to update your bathroom accessories, such as the soap dispenser, utility tray, toothbrush holder and other organizational items. Instead of picking these out individually, it is much more economical to purchase them as a set. There are a variety of colourful, modern, single and duo dispensers if you prefer a combination of his ‘n’ hers styled dispensers.

Bathroom Accessories

#7: Focus on the Lights  

Lighting is crucial for a bathroom’s vanity area.  Worn-out and rusty overhead light fixtures will need to be replaced immediately. Low-priced brass or brushed nickel light fixtures can be found at the local hardware store. Ceiling fixtures with built-in bulbs or sleek vertical fixtures on the sides of the vanity work well for creating an overall contemporary look.

These are some creative ways in which you can pull off a great bathroom makeover while staying within budget. Take a cue from the faded bathroom rugs and begin planning a bathroom makeover right away!