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5 Unique Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas by AmerAdnan Associates

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6 years ago
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Besides closets, bathrooms are the smallest spaces in your house that are occupied by you several times a day. Unfortunately, you have loads of tasks to accomplish in this small space, which further arouses the need for a bigger space. To make your bathroom look big and maximize every square inch of the space, you have to break the norms and adopt unique bathroom vanity design ideas such as open shelving and or floating vanity storage.

These storage spaces under your bathroom sink will boost your storing capacity and turn your everyday stuff into decorative items by encouraging you to keep your bathrooms clean! Your architecture company in Lahore will reveal to you that such storage spaces are convenient for holding extra towels, cosmetics, hairstyling tools and other essentials that otherwise have ended up in your linen closet.

Here are some distinct bathroom vanity designs by AmerAdnan Associates that will allow you to make the best use of your space.

Bathroom Designs 1

This dual sink bathroom design features an open shelving providing ample space to keep your towels and other toiletry essentials.

Bathroom Designs 2

With this custom made countertop, a wooden cabinet, drawer, open shelving and towel railing, this bathroom has no shortage of storage space!

Bathroom Designs 3

The concrete counter and small shelf under it is adding warmth to this colorful bathroom by providing a convenient space to store all your lavatory essentials.

Bathroom Designs 4

The shelf under this solid counter contrast the darker materials in the bathroom and perfectly connecting with the hardware and accessories.

Bathroom designs 5

The floating wooden vanity storage under this exquisite sink counter is giving the bathroom a cohesive look by accentuating the tiles used throughout the bathroom.