As the name indicates, living room in a house is the center of attention as most of the time there is seen a hustle and bustle of guests, friends and family members for chit-chats, parties and meetings. Therefore, how an area is being used, is needed to be kept in view while furnishing it. The most important thing that has to be given a great attention is the ‘placement of furniture’ that should be well-balanced, beautiful and attention grabbing.

Usually, an ideal living room furnishing in most of the luxurious homes in Pakistan is being done by the professional home furnishers like Amer Adnan. While decorating a living room, home decorators follow special rules, some of which are given as below.

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1. Locate your Focal Point

There must be a focal point in your living room and this may not necessarily be the same in living zones of all the houses. What is the focal point of living room in your house? Is it the fireplace? The outside view? Or any other thing? Most of the people are mistaken that furniture is always arranged in a way that it directly faces the focal point but this is not necessary in all the cases. Rather a focal point is what attracts your attention while you enter in that area. You just need to highlight it by adding some special effects. For instance if it is a low height window, you can arrange flowery or climbing plants outside it. Hang stylish curtains and decorate the window from all around.

2. Arrange the Furniture alongside the Center Point

This is a rule of thumb mostly for aFurniture alongside the Center Pointll the rooms that furniture is arranged at center, in the middle of a room. However, the central arrangement is recommended for square rooms and some of the rectangular room. If a living room gives more of a longitudinal appearance, then you can make two central point as this arrangement looks more appropriate and functional.

3. Keep the Right-Sized Furniture

Is the size of your selected furniture compatible with the living room area? Furnishing or decoration is never meant to fill up spaces to the maximum instead it is how you arrange things while keeping up a balance. Too large furniture items for smaller areas will never provide you enough space to walk around easily. In the similar way, picking up smaller items with respect to areas also creates messy feel because you may clutter the living room with too many items to fill up the space.

4. Go for Theme-Based Furnishing

Theme-Based FurnishingChoosing a specific theme for an area is essential because it makes easier to choose and arrange every single item accordingly. It is all up to you either you want a traditional, classic,  antique or contemporary theme for an area. In most of the luxury homes in Lahore, you will find a theme-based furnishing that truly reflects the interior designing taste of the owners.

5. Choose a Rug

This is what without which a living room seems a bit incomplete. Adding rug is not a new trend in interior designing but these days it has seen a fast popularity for adding  elegance and beauty to a room. Before choosing a rug, you also need to consider the area, the theme and various other things. Rugs are available in different shapes, sizes and stuffs but you need to pick the one that best suits your room.

By keeping the above mentioned key principles while arranging your furniture, you can furnish a living room that speaks for itself for its unique furnishing and ideal interior.