Usually, the decoration of smaller areas becomes a challenge for home owners because they have to keep up a spacious look while thoughtfully placing furniture and all other accessories. Do you know that decorating larger spaces also requires the same interior designing sense because it is not just about stuffing the items in an area?

The common mistake, which people make, is that they just keep filling an area in a way that it creates a scattered and messed up feel.  No matter, how good is the structural design of your house, a poor interior designing can take away its entire expensive feel. Therefore, from structure designing to interior decoration, you need to be very careful about everything. This is the reason that most of the people hire modern construction companies in Pakistan because these provide a high-quality professional work.

Let us learn about some of the innovative ideas using which you can ideally decorate the larger areas in your house.

Reference: Beautiful staircases for small spaces

Make Sections Intelligently

Make sections of a larger area, either it’s a living room, dining room or TV lounge. The divisions should be made intelligently as every section should have a logical connectivity with a part next to it. For instance, make a chit chat area in-front of fireplace. You can simply place furniture around it but there is no need to place heavy or large size sofas. Three or four comfortable chairs along with the tables are enough. Make a separate section like a small study place –where you can enjoy reading light reading material such as novel or magazine. You can simply place a sofa and a shelf alongside it where you can place your reading materials. In the similar way, you can divide an area into other sections such as by placing an LED screen on one wall you can use the area as a smaller TV lounge. The number of sections depends upon the area because you also have to make sure that too many sections do not give a cluttered look.

Place Tall Potted Plants Intelligently  

If you are not willing to use the idea of ‘dividing sections’ then you can  think of the alternative ways such as intelligently placing tall potted plants against the walls and between the sofas and other furniture. However, make sure that plants get enough light to survive and grow; some of the indoor plants can survive on minimum light.

Fabric Accessories

Fabric adds a lot cozier feel in a larger area. For instance, you place curtains on the windows and also use them as partitions in different areas. This will make your larger area look luxurious and stylish. You can also place rugs on each section of the larger area in a sequence because this is also a good way of making a larger space look normal. Add cushions of different sizes on the bigger size sofas and sofa-cum beds. Even you can place a mattress on the floor and can put some cushions on and around it, add a curtain on one side to divide it from the rest of the area.

Whenever you are going to fill up a larger area in your house, make sure that the whole decoration maintains a coherence keeping up a sleek feel. An interior designer in Lahore, can give several suggestions while keeping numerous decoration and functionality factors in view. You can also use simple DIY techniques by consulting various interior designing blogs and online magazines but to give a final touch, do take the suggestions of a professional.