Nowadays, lots of different architectural designs are common, which reflect different tastes and unique forms of art. Architectural trends play a significant role in the design of a house because no matter how much the owners want their house to look unique, their inspiration always comes from something they saw over the internet or in a magazine, or somewhere. Whatever style you choose for your house design, the best architects in Lahore know the latest trends that need to be incorporated in every architectural concept. We have compiled brief details about the latest modern architectural trends for your home.

Flexibility And Multi-functionality


2020 and the pandemic have been a big change for everyone. One thing that became very clear from lockdown and work from home was that the often perceived adequate homes were not the perfect abode anymore. With everybody being at home 24/7, the premises started to feel crowded with little privacy to work from home. Many people felt the need to upgrade the house according to the changing requirements. Many modern architects in Pakistan have declared flexibility to be the foremost trend that needs to be followed in the post-pandemic world. The primary objective of including flexibility in the house design is to achieve multi-functionality. The current scenario has made working from home a norm, and to better accommodate this development, making open and flexible rooms can provide the much-needed multi-functionality. For instance, they can use a study room as a home office, and combining a drawing with dining will allow spatial arrangement of furniture.

Let The Air And Light In

The modern house design trends include creating spaces that let the natural light and fresh air come into the house all day. It is not just a way to make the home environment more natural and refreshing, but it will also make the house energy efficient by providing sufficient light and air throughout the day. Nowadays, tall, wide, ceiling-to-floor windows are commonly used to allow light in the building. These windows also let the airflow through the house. Modern house designs in Pakistan also include features like a terrace garden, patio, and balcony with such windows for better ventilation. Many houses also have their roof designed for installation of solar panels that can be positioned to absorb maximum light to achieve sustainability.

More Attention To Walls And Floors

In the past, not much attention was given to designing walls and floors of the houses. Even in the remains of the lavish buildings, only a few rooms had ornamented walls and floors. Today, much more thought is given to the look of floors and walls. Even if the inspiration of modern home designs in Pakistan comes from ancient architecture, the walls exhibit elaborative decorations with intricate details. Even if the house design is minimalistic, the walls are adorned with pictures and other accessories that enhance the elegance of the whole place. Similarly, the floors are carefully selected according to each room and personal preferences. The use of marble and wood is more common in making floors as they add an extravagant beauty to the house. Rugs and carpets with modern styles, shapes, and patterns are also trending even in minimalist designs.

Green And Sustainable Abodes

One positive influence that the pandemic and the recurring lockdowns had was the realization that we have insanely degenerated our environment. An 8% decrease in GHG emissions in the year 2020 showed a great deal of valuable results including purer air and a cleaner environment. It has influenced the architects to apply more sustainable features in the architectural designs. Making the houses open yet well-insulated is a trending approach that will allow the air and light in but will prevent energy loss. Similarly, designing the house to support solar installations is another trending aspect as many people are switching to alternative energy generation methods. Interior decorators in Pakistan are also following this direction by recommending to install energy-efficient appliances. Adding plants in the interior as a decorative element, especially in the living room is also trending.

Smart Homes

Another prominent trend that is in its initial stages and is expected to stay for a much longer time is the incorporation of technology in home designs. You can now turn your abode into a smart home by utilizing technology that is trending more and more every day. Now many homeowners control their lighting, heating, and cooling systems through automated home tech. It provides them with energy efficiency, greater comfort, and lower bills as well. Installing products like Google Home and Amazon Echo is on the rise.

Houses are meant to stay for a longer time and are built with the same purpose in mind. They collect and keep the memories of generations. These trends are the present and are going to be the future for a long time. Keep in mind the latest trends while you are getting your house designed and constructed, so your place doesn’t look out of place.