When it comes to describe the latest construction and interior designing trends in Pakistan, you may not define them clearly because the homes constructed in posh areas of Pakistan are far more different than those constructed in less lavish areas.

Although, the design and interior of a house depends much on the budget an owner has but still it’s the cotemporary trends that add beauty to a house. By using latest architectural and interior designing trends, you can even make a small house look spacious and trendy. “Having money is not the only way to follow the trends, it is rather your personal interior designing taste and interest”, says Amer Adnan, a famous Pakistani interior designer.

Here is the detail of construction and interior designing trends that are currently being adopted in most of the newly launched elite societies.

A Shift towards Smaller Houses

Longer gone are the days when only a big house with larger porch or veranda was considered trendy. Now the shift is turning towards smaller houses constructed in a way that give a spacious and chic look. Unnecessarily stuffed houses are no more in trend; rather the latest approach involves constructing simpler but stylish houses.

More Airy and Ventilated Home

No matter a house is smaller or larger but it is constructed in a way that it can maintain an airy and brighter look. Therefore, instead of using old style ventilators that used to be on the top of the walls right under the roof, now the larger style windows are in vogue. These windows appear much like mirrored doors having the same length and width or even more. These make your rooms, lounge or other places brighter and spacious.

Smarter Homes

The benefits of technological developments are not only confined to one sector, rather everyone including the construction and interior designing industry is making the most of it. Now, using the latest and the smarter construction equipment and materials, architects construct the homes that are resistant to heat and cold. For this purpose, different kinds of insulations are installed to make a house more energy efficient.

A Simpler but Smarter Interior

When it comes to interior decoration of a house, again the trends have changed to a greater extent. Let’s consider the example of furniture, now the use of traditional carved wooden furniture with compacted designs is no longer the trend, rather chic, simpler and less-space occupying sofas, beds and chairs are in in trends that offer maximum comfort and get easily fit into a smaller area.

Classy Bathrooms and Kitchens

Now, a house with stylish kitchen and bathroom is considered more stylish and chic. The traditional cabinetry of kitchen has totally transformed to a new look with simpler and plane styles. Black counters, open or totally enclosed cabinets with plane windows giving the whole cabinetry a sleek look, mosaic style kitchen wall tiles and wooden or vinyl wooden floor are in fashion.  Other than wood, now several other materials including the steel are being used to make cabinets and other storage spaces in a kitchen. In the similar way, bathrooms are now given more space so that these could accommodate the stylish bathing tubs.

This is all a brief description of house construction and interior designing trends in Pakistan, you can discover more, by contacting well-reputed architects and interior decorators in Lahore.