A living room is the center of a house which is linked to many activities. It is a spot for the daily family gathering, hosting guests, watching TV, etc. To be suitable for so many purposes, your living room needs to be the epitome of comfort and functionality, where everything is in its right place. The quality of living directly affects the quality of life. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, you should start with your home, and even in that, your living room should be the first place to fix. Here are some top recommendations from interior designers in Pakistan which can help you update your living room.

Add Luxury To Your Place


Adding luxury is a great way to update your living room in terms of both the look and the feel. Luxury appeals to the senses and substantially makes the person feel great about themselves. You can make your daily activities in the living room more centered on your preferences by adding a touch of glamour to the space. For this purpose, architects in Lahore try building large and spacious living rooms that can accommodate huge pieces. Your couches and seating spaces should be comfortable. Your table should be sleek with glass or marble on top, which gives a very refined look. Interior decorators in Lahore also recommend paying attention to the light as it adds grandeur to your space. You need to put up good light fixtures, such as sconces all around the room, and you can also add a central light piece such as a baroque chandelier that will certainly push the ambiance into another space.

Mix Styles For A Unique Element


Everybody wants to have one of a kind living room that not only states how beautiful it is but leaves everyone in awe too. Mix different styles to create a unique living room. It may seem like a hassle, but it is fairly easy. All you need to do is to break free from the shackles of different design styles and pick the best of each to form something of your own. For instance, if you like traditional style classical furniture, then go with it, but you don’t have to pick classical colors too if you don’t want to. The point is to add what you like and ignore what you don’t. However, you need to make sure that everything looks balanced and organized. Pick the things which will maximize the potential of your room.

Display With Decorative Shelves

An upgraded living room needs to be organized because clutter not only makes the design look bad but also impacts the feel of the room. Decorative elements occupy most of the space in our living rooms, so arranging them in a way that eliminates clutter is a great way to improve the look. For this purpose, you can utilize high-quality decorative shelves. You can put up a plant shelf that holds diverse plants of your choice and fulfills two important functions of adding natural freshness and dynamic aesthetics to your room. Interior decorators in Pakistan also recommend that you use the plant shelf in the hallway or the porch connected to the living room if possible. This gives you room to use an inner shelf displaying your favorite decoration pieces, movies, records, and even figurines. Even if you have nothing like this to display, you can still exhibit your family pictures or paintings and convert it into a personalized section.

Do Not Forget To Benefit From Functionality


Functionality is at the core of a quality lifestyle. When we refer to functionality, it does not apply to the tech component of your space only rather, it is an umbrella term that covers all kinds of functional aspects of your room. According to construction companies in Pakistan, it all starts with the basic structure of your room. If you are a social person and like to have social gatherings often, then you should build a large living room with an open layout. Keeping this in mind, focus on the functional part of the interior, such as the lighting, seating, and the tech part. If you like to host weekly gatherings, having adequate seating space is more functional as compared to fewer seats. Similarly, if you have an open layout, you should have proper lighting to illuminate every part of the space evenly. The use of technology comes in when you have to consider other important things of a quality lifestyle, such as comfort. For instance, your air conditioner needs to be positioned to ensure maximum efficiency and temperature control, the TV should be stationed at a place where it can become the focal point if the primary purpose of the room is entertainment. By paying attention to all these little details, you can easily ensure maximum functionality and thus have a space that looks awesome and feels great.