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4 Tips to Renovate your Bedroom on a Budget

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3 years ago

Decorating your bedroom in tandem with your taste usually seems to be an exclusively lavish commitment, however, with a dash of creativity this can be done in a budget-savvy way. Modern home designs in Pakistan suggest that bedrooms must reflect style and inventiveness that is uncomplicated, affordable and visually uplifting.

Interior decorators in Lahore have unraveled a few tips for a budget-savvy bedroom renovation. Here are some secrets!

Switching to Hardwood Floors  

Wooden Floor

The kind of elegance that radiates from a glistening hardwood floor is unrivaled. At the same time, it is cheaper and easier to maintain as compared to wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood flooring for your bedroom is a good choice also because of the fact that it is resilient and has a lasting quality. This factor would help you save your money and energy from investing time and again on replacing a worn-out carpet or tiles that have cracked over time.

Some of the really affordable kinds of wood for your bedroom floor would be birch and oak, which are not only easy to find in a hardwood shop, but also come in a darker pigment. Choosing a darker shade for your floor would make your bedroom appear more grand and tasteful.

Adding Shelves with a Tinge of Uniqueness


Adding wooden shelves to your bedroom with a displayed collection of items that mirror your interests is not only an inexpensive proposition, but also a very mature idea that does not involve cumbersome purchases. With this idea, you can make use of the stuff you already have.

Add wooden shelves to your bedroom and accessorize them with things you want to be revered: your favorite books, family photographs and/or personally-valued collectibles.

Interior designers adamantly encourage adding greens to your home, and yes, this idea is as good for your bedroom as it is for your lounge or your drawing room space. Adding miniature plants or bonsai to the wooden shelves would bring a luscious fervor to the bland walls in your bedroom, making them exhibit a unique freshness. By making this change to your bedroom, you will find the entire bedroom space to appear visually wholesome, and that too at a very low cost!

Renovating a Particular Corner 

Corner in House

You do not have to go about transforming your entire bedroom just to make it look pretty. What you can do, instead, is to recreate a corner of the room by styling it wisely and bringing it to life! In order to do this in a pocket-friendly budget, consider the following two ideas

  • Reupholster an old piece of furniture, preferably a soft chair that is appropriately-sized for this corner. Add a small end-table by its side and finish the look with a reading lamp to re-purpose this particular corner of the bedroom.
  • Add natural elements to a particular corner of your bedroom. Recondition the corner by adorning this space with wood, shells, dried flowers and/or leaves in tasteful porcelain, or a handcrafted decorative piece, which could range from a classic vase to an attractive clay pot.

Focus on the Lighting

Lights in Bedroom

Standard and conventional lighting fixtures are not only obsolete, but also act as a visual disservice to the way your bedroom furniture and accessories appear. Soft and understated hues are a good choice because they enhance the warmth that one needs in the bedroom, after a whole day’s tiring work!

Adding scented candles to your shelves, or filling a glass jar with a short strand of fairy lights and placing it by the window would elevate the luminosity and distinctiveness of your bedroom.

Furthermore, natural light can make a compact space seem sprawling and expansive. Keep your window treatments as simple as possible and choose interior shutters for them, which are inexpensive and readily available at stores.

The beauty of a bedroom rests not in the objects you place in it, but in the serenity and tranquility that it offers to you when all you need is the comfort of a warm and uplifting private space. Therefore, try out these tips, for they propose an elegant, clean look and save you from overthinking about how to restructure your bedroom without having your wallet ripped!

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