As we all know that the property prices have risen unnaturally as much as 100% within last five years, people are compelled to move to smaller spaces and owing to this, compact living is on the rise. Consequently, getting that airy feel has become quite a challenge for homeowners. For some, planning a small home may be frustrating and challenging while for the others, it could be fun. With the right design tips and techniques, you can turn your snug room into a dreamy retreat. There are many different things involved in intelligently designing a small living space. Let Amer Adnan Associates, the leading house interior decorator in Lahore help you with great décor ideas that will breathe new life into your compact scheme.

Strategically Placing Mirrors

Though majority of us already have a quite good idea about where exactly on the wall we need to hang the mirror, there are often more versatile methods than we know. The most popular idea is to completely or partially cover one of the four walls of a room with a man-sized mirror. This would, for sure, make your small room appear double of its original size. In case you are finding the man-sized mirror to be very pricey, you can play around with the smaller mirrors by grouping them together. You can paint their frames all the same color and group them on the wall in the same place.

Getting Rid of the Old Bulky Curtains

Believe me or not but the traditional bulky curtains make your interior space even smaller than real. This is the reason why best interior designers in Pakistan are strongly recommending the use of window blinds instead of curtains. Apart from the fact that the window blinds consume minimum interior space, they are easier to clean as compared to curtains which require regular high maintenance. With the vast variety of styles and designs available in blinds these days, you will not miss having stylish curtains.

Using Smart Furniture

Alongside many other things in our homes that have become obsolete by technological revolutions, traditional furniture is also phasing out. Although it’s true that many of us are emotionally attached with our older furniture, we need to realize the fact that it’s time to dispose it off and opt for modern smart furniture. Smart furniture doesn’t just mean compact sofas, smart tables or beds. In fact, it also includes multipurpose furniture such as sofa cum bed, a multipurpose table that can also be converted into a study desk, foldable dining table and chairs and a lot more.

Using Lighter Paints

Best known architects make use of lighter paints, especially in smaller homes. The reason behind using lighter paints is that dark colors tend to absorb light and make your living space look smaller than they actually are. The recommended practice is to make use of softer tones of off-white, blue and green. Besides, the walls which are painted with lighter shades make a space more bright and airy, hence making life more comfortable for the dwellers.