Before we kick start any home renovation project, we always remain confused about the style we intend to pick for our home interior décor. The style people choose for their home depends on their personal taste. A person who is fascinated by the classic lines would never like a modernly designed house. On the other hand, a person who is more inclined towards contemporary living and luxuries would not be able to find any interest and inspiration in a classic environment. Here are some basic home interior design styles for you to choice out from, before you can have your home decorated:

Modern Minimalist Style

The modern minimalist style is a blend of perfection and modernization. The key emphasis of this interior design is style that comes with simplicity. The use of dull and/or bright colors and geometric shapes such as square, circular, rectangular etc. are prominent features of modern minimalist style. The corporate persons prefer modern minimalist style for their home décor.

Classic Style

Classic Interior Design

Classic style is rich in details and is top choice for artistic people. Only people with deep interest in classics would prefer this style for their home decor. The style includes not only carved windows, stained glasses and scenic wall paints but also includes carved and beautifully painted furniture and wooden fixtures. The classic style also includes floral elements as well as scenes drawn from the legends.

Rustic Style

The rustic style is most commonly preferred at places like mountain vacation homes, guest houses and hotels. It gives rural and traditional look to a home. The rough details of this style include jute, tree trunks, rough wood furniture, rustic paint finish etc. and a lot more. The use of warm spot lights makes the rustic style more prominent and appealing. The interior decorators in Lahore recommend rustic style interior decoration for restaurants and hotels, the most.

Classic Reinterpreted Style

Classic Reinterpreted Style

The classic reinterpreted style is unique and offers merger of classic style with modern elements. The combination may include modern furniture, classic walls, rustic lighting and much more. In short, the classic reinterpreted style is classic style in a whole new way and with modern approach.

Retro Style

The decoration pieces and artworks from fifties, sixties and seventies come back to life with retro style home decoration. The interior design styles usually make a comeback after every two to three decades with a bit of improvement and modern touch. The retro style home décor is an elegant mixture of newer forms with older styles.

High-tech Style

High-tech Style

If you are more inclined towards contemporary living style then high-tech style interior décor is the right choice for you. This style emphasizes more on the structure of furniture. Every minor thing such as the screws, rivets, lighting etc. is finished with great perfection. The use of glass, plastic, metal and wood in smaller proportions is common in high-tech style home décor. Most of the Lahore architects and interior decorators suggest using high tech style is all your home interior décor needs.