With winter fast approaching, now is the time for seasonal maintenance around the house. Though most of the country does not have to deal with snow, there is still a need for ‘winter-proofing’ one’s home. All buildings, commercial or residential, need to be reoriented according to the winter season. This will involve turning off the air conditioners, and cleaning off the ceiling fans. Homeowners who put off minor cleaning tasks may be hit with costly repairs later on in the year. Simply put, maintaining a residence according to the seasonal demands ensures the health and comfort of all the occupants.

Monthly Home Improvement Tasks

Home Ipmprovement Tasks

Do the following to keep your house in shape:

  • Sanitise the kitchen and bathroom sinks with a homemade mixture of baking soda and vinegar.
  • Clean air conditioner filters, ceiling fan blades and rotating fan grills.
  • Check electrical cords for wear-and-tear and replace cords if significantly frayed.
  • Ensure that vents, both on the inside and the outside of the house, are free of dirt and debris.
  • Wash or vacuum all the windows, door screens, and doorways.

Once these basic tasks have been carried out, the next step will be to reduce the amount of heat escaping the residential building.

Properly Insulating Your Space


Insulation, when properly done, reduces heat transfer, increases energy efficiency, and maintains a comfortable, consistent temperature year-round. It is best to have the upper portions of the house insulated, especially if there is an attic space with gaps in the walls or the ceiling area. Homeowners should schedule a consultation with either insulation experts, or an architectural design firm in Pakistan. As professionals, they can properly evaluate the premises and then provide a quote on insulation costs.

Installing triple-pane windows


After securing proper insulation for one’s residence, the next step should be to upgrade any existing single-pane windows with triple-pane windows. Single-pane windows are unable to prevent air leaks. Just like quality insulation fitting, triple-pane windows help in regulating the home’s ambient temperature. Triple-pane windows provide much better insulation when compared to single-pane windows. This, in turn, reduces the overall energy consumption (for heating or cooling purposes) and results in substantial savings.

Full-Scale House Inspection


Homeowners should make it a habit of inspecting the house in the months leading up to the winter season. The biggest culprits are normally outdoor air-conditioning units. It’s best to stop up the gaps and cracks with a thick cloth and industrial-strength duct tape.  Another usually overlooked aspect is how hot air escapes and a cold draft enters under the doorway. Place an order for customizable door draft-stoppers, which also help keep dust and debris outside the home.

As a homeowner, you should take the initiative and follow the previously-discussed tips. That will easily transition a breezy summer home into a cozy winter cabin. Once the insulation and windows are in place, why not call friends and family over for an old-fashioned bonfire plus musical evening session?