The unusual hike in property prices across Pakistan has forced people to live in smaller homes. This has also resulted in a new trend of apartments in the country’s metropolitan cities that include Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. If we have a look at the modern and luxurious bedroom design ideas, they all call for a sitting area, a small home office, king-size bed and what not. But we must not forget that the main aim of a bedroom is to make us rest and recharge.

This is the reason top home construction companies always recommend to make sure that a bedroom is clutter-free and ensures a good night’s sleep for its dwellers.

Whether we talk about big city apartments, vintage home layouts or about the modern space downsizing, all of them call for a design that expands the possibilities of small. So, if you are one of the many homeowners, who are looking for a bedroom makeover, but don’t have enough space to work with, here are some ideas by AmerAdnan® to help you out.


  • Use Bright Colours

Bright Colours

According to the expert interior designers, the white color is expansive and practice for smaller spaces. It prevents a space from looking cluttered or boxed in. To brighten up space, the interior designers in Lahore make use of lighter colors and combat the absence of a large window or wall space. If you feel that too much use of white color is making your bedroom appearance monotonous, then layer the whites with different textures and white-on-white patterns to create drama.


  • Push the Bed in the Corner

Bed in the Corner

Most homeowners usually place their beds right in the middle of the room, unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work in small bedrooms, as it calls for deviation. To maximize the floor space, you must tuck your bed up against the wall or a corner in your small size room. Not only this will save you some space, but also gives you a secure and cosy space to sleep.


  • Magnifying with the Mirror


To make your small bedroom look big, you can make use of mirrors to create the illusion. The best way to use a mirror in your room is by placing it against the window. This will not only make your room appear bigger but also bring in maximum natural light in your compact space through reflection. Body-length mirrors are the best choice.


  • Add Wallpaper to One Wall

Add Wallpaper

No matter your bedroom is big or small, you can always add wallpaper to it. For a small bedroom, the best idea is to use a bold wallpaper pattern on a focal wall which is usually the headboard wall. The wallpaper has a bad rap for making rooms look small and cluttered, but using the right style and technique does just the opposite. One thing you need to make sure of is to choose a large-scale pattern instead of a small-scale pattern for your small room.

These were some practical tips to furnish your small room the way it looks bigger. If you have any more ideas, do share with us in the comments below.