Considering the continuous increase in the prices of electricity, oil and gas in Pakistan, you need to see the alternative ways to cut down the overheads in the form of utility bills. Usually, while constructing a house, people go for the usage of energy-efficient building materials and interior designs.

Although, house insulation is not a new concept in architecture domain yet with the advent of advanced products, materials, ideas and methods, the process has been made more effective. To construct an energy efficient house, you need to hire the services of a top architect in Pakistan as well as an interior designer.

Use Energy Efficient Building Materials during Construction

First thing you need to do is, using energy-efficient building materials during construction. For this, search the best products available within your allocated budget. If you do not have time to visit the market, you can hire the services of an architect and other professionals, who could take everything in their hands. However, on the weekends or in free time, you can check either the construction work is going the way you want it to be.

Energy-saving techniques are not just limited to a house’s construction; instead you can use more methods while designing the interior. Technically, the process of getting a house insulated requires an expert’s work but if you want to take off the stress, follow these simple and useful techniques.

Paint Color

Designing your house interior is not just about choosing any color that looks good to your eyes; instead a designer takes various technical things into view, one of which is the weather factor. A concept might be new to some of the people that the color of paint has also much to do in reflecting or absorbing the light and heat. If it is summers, then you can choose the lighter colors such as cream, beige, and tans, white and off white because these help reflecting the heat, ultimately making the walls and ceiling comparatively cooler. This way, you can minimize the usage of air conditioners and air coolers to save on your electricity bills.


Do not go for the concrete flooring because it absorbs and preserves heat resultantly making a floor warmer. The end result is the rise in temperature of a house. Moreover, concrete floors are no more the vogue in Pakistan. However, in winters you can have your floor carpeted, because these give a cozy and warmer feel to an area.


Do not switch on too much fluorescent lights in the summers because these rise up the temperature of your house. Go for the energy savers, as these not only cut down your electricity bills but also emit comparatively lesser heat.


Interior of a house can be changed with changing weather to reduce the overheads. In the summers, use light colored curtains to reflect the heat; whereas in winters you can go for woolen, thicker and darker shades of colors to maintain a cozy interior of a house.

There are multiple other ways using which you can make your house energy-efficient. Your interior designer in Lahore can guide you best after having a look at your house interior.