The CEO Club Pakistan & Manager Today Magazine has cordially invited Mr Amer Adnan, the Founder and CEO of AmerAdnan Associates, and the Marketing Manager of the firm, Mr Faisal Qureshi as “Distinguished Guests” to attend the significant corporate conference “Will To Win” on February 11, 201 6 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Shalimar Hall, Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.



The theme chosen for highly exclusive symposium is “A CEO`s Perspective” as the purpose of the event is to promote the true spirit of hard work, incessant struggle and positive thoughts.

More than 100 high profile delegates and top CEOs from different industries will be attending the corporate conference. Where attendees will get to hear the true stories of CEOs how they cope up with stress, rejections and failures in their career.

The prestigious speakers will also enlighten the audience on how they can maintain self believe in difficult circumstances until they achieve their final goal. It will be a great opportunity for the participants of the “Will to Win” conference to learn from the experiences, challenges and strategies of immensely conversant and skilled delegates from various industries.

About Amer Adnan Associates:

AmerAdnan Associates is an international award-winning design and architecture firm based in Lahore, Pakistan that is founded and headed by Mr Amer Adnan. The company is known for its exceptional design and architecture work. Since its inception in 2006 till this day, the design boutique has helped several clients turn their dream houses and commercial projects into reality.

About CEO Club Pakistan & Manager Today Magazine:

The CEO Club Pakistan is a highly exclusive group of CEOs that has launched its own magazine called Manager Today. The Manager Today is one of a kind of personal & professional development magazine of Pakistan that is swiftly penetrating in the corporate sector and top management academia of the country. Earlier, the CEO Club Pakistan & Manager Today Magazine have successfully organized CEO Summit from 2011 till 2015, which clearly reflects that the upcoming event will be another trend setter.