Lahore, Pakistan: July 8th, 2019: The team at Amer Adnan Associates successfully incorporated modernism into the design of six residential projects within Lahore. The houses are designed to be not only aesthetically pleasing but to also offer efficient use of natural resources. To give a minimalistic yet modern look, construction materials such as glass, steel, and concrete are used in the projects. The focus remains on balancing functionality with structural innovation.

There is never a dull moment at Amer Adnan Associates (AAA) with the team working hard to transform their clients’ wants into practical design solutions.

“At AAA, we start with schematic drawings and then work together to translate the client’s needs into an action plan,” said Amer Adnan, AAA Founder, and Chief Executive Officer. “We understand the importance of good home design and  our meticulously designed buildings testify to AAA’s commitment to excellence as well as sophistication.”

A recent AAA design, a two-storey one Kanal residential project in Lahore, is a perfect example of functional yet elegant space. Keeping with the client’s requirement,  pastel hues, discreet doors, and a panelled parapet have all been added to the house to create a timeless design.

About Amer Adnan Associates

At Amer Adnan Associates, we design & build residential and commercial projects customised according to the unique needs of our clients. We believe that customer experience is everything and continuously aim for ‘Creating Spaces That Matter’.

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