This week, AmerAdnan Associates (AAA) has launched its YouTube channel along with the video calling service via Skype (aaa.official). The new YouTube channel of the architecture firm features interviews of Amer Adnan and videos on many of its services such as design, architecture, and more. The company plans to add new videos regularly on the channel in the days to come.


Sharing his thoughts on this occasion, the CEO of AAA, Mr Amer said, “Architecture should be viewed as an art rather as science and our YouTube channel will reinforce this datum.”


The video calling service of AAA via Skype will allow both potential and existing clients to speak face-to-face with the sales representative as well as the designers of the company from any place.


According to Mr Amer, “By launching the video calling service, AAA has become the first design and construction company in Pakistan that has embraced an open access policy.” He said, “The new service will not only allow people to make video calls and get quotes, but also enable them to gain the answers of their queries related to design and construction.”


“Once in a week we will organize a Q&A session where people can directly ask our designers different questions concerning design or decor. For instance, which color or design pattern will best work with their interiors,” said Mr Amer.


About Amer Adnan Associates:


AmerAdnan Associates was established in 2006 by Amer Adnan. Since then it has emerged as a leading design and architecture firm that is known for its incomparable design and construction approach. Since its foundation, the “Design Studio” has helped numerous clients turn their dream projects into reality, be it houses, hotels, cafés, restaurants or commercial plazas. And that’s not all, the company also has an international award to its credit (2015 Asia Pacific Property Award for designing Royaute Luxury Suites & Hotel at M.M Alam Road, Lahore).


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