Lahore, Pakistan: July 8th, 2019:  Amer Adnan Associates (AAA), an award-winning architectural design and construction firm, is pleased to announce the expansion of operations to Islamabad.

This new step will enable AAA to better connect, engage and serve their clients in Islamabad and adjoining areas. From carving a 5-storey residence into the side of Margalla Hills to designing a contemporary farmhouse using only sustainable materials, AAA already has a satisfied client base in Islamabad.

Over a span of 11 years, AAA’s dedicated team has successfully constructed and designed residential as well as commercial projects. AAA’s ethos is to transform client aspirations into inspiring and innovative architectural structures.

“Our team is excited to serve clients in Islamabad. By combining technical proficiency with artistic capabilities, we plan to keep creating spaces that blend seamlessly into nature. We are all geared up to design client-oriented projects in the twin cities with special focus towards innovation,” said Amer Adnan, AAA’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

About Amer Adnan Associates

At Amer Adnan Associates, we design & build residential and commercial projects customised according to the unique needs of our clients. We believe that customer experience is everything and continuously aim for ‘Creating Spaces That Matter’.

For inquiries, please contact:

Qasim Javed

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