Lahore, Pakistan: April 29th, 2019: This year has proven to be one of the highlights in Amer Adnan Associates’ history as we keep transforming our ideas into bold and brilliant pieces of architecture.

We have built spaces that continually inspire the inhabitants. From designing over 70 bakeries throughout Punjab to building a 5 storey penthouse by carving a hilltop in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills, AAA’s team of architects are pushing their creative limits and technical capacity to the max.

“At AAA, we start every project with a blank canvas and then incorporate individual elements in to the designs. This utilitarian approach enables us to realise our client’s wishes while maintaining technical excellence,” said Amer Adnan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amer Adnan Associates.

We have successfully designed and constructed 3 bakeries in Lahore. Inspired by the fast-paced Pakistani lifestyle, AAA designed the bakeries to have a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience. Pastel tones paired with cream, blue and eggshell-colored decor have been incorporated into the design of the outlets.

We have combined technical proficiency with artistic capabilities to create a state-of-the-art penthouse that blends seamlessly into the hillscape. The 5-storey penthouse features one basement level floor and two sub-basement level floors. The two top-most floors offer a premium 360-degree bird’s eye view of the entire Margalla Hills.

About Amer Adnan Associates

At Amer Adnan Associates, we design & build residential and commercial projects customised according to the unique needs of our clients. We believe that customer experience is everything and continuously aim towards ‘Creating Spaces That Matter’.

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