We all have heard about the “5 Things You Need To Know before Building a Home”, the internet is full of websites with these little reminders. But how do we know exactly what are those five things that you need to keep in mind. After all it all depends from person to but we can safely say that we are here to tell you exactly what you need to know.


To begin with your budget matters a lot, you need to know exactly how much are you willing to spend. Once your numbers are in order only then you can proceed onto the next step. The initial budget that you plan to spend, you always have to keep some extra cash at hand in case the cost during the construction rises at anytime. A safe keeping, just so you know that you will not run out of cash.


After your numbers are decided, you need to find a very reliable and reputable architect. One who understands what you need and one who knows how to work with your given budget. The architect can come up with solutions to your requirements without exceeding your given budget. So find one that you believe would be the best in line.


We never know when hard times strike or what circumstances we might ourselves in later in life. So you have to build a house keeping in mind resale. Now the resale value of your home is something to work over, it’s not the matter of a simple construction. You need to add in rooms, bathrooms along with other things such as laundries, garages, heating and cooling systems and also something that is energy efficient.


It is essential to have a green place at your home, as it not only helps regulate the oxygen but all keeps the heat away. A beautifully landscaped garden or backyard is something that you should be looking for. In summers it should provide you with shade, a place for the kids to play and have your evening tea and in winters to share coffees and have little get together with friends and family.


Finally, the last part of the whole home, is taking in little notes with your builder or your architect as to what still needs to be done and what is missing. What should be added and what is suppose to be removed.


With these simple little things you should be ready with the basic info you need to get started on your dream home. This way you would know what are you looking at what input you would have in your dream home.