In Pakistan interior decorators seek out durable woven materials that are both sturdy and easy to decorate with. Many materials can be woven, such as wool, grass cloth, or wicker, to produce textile for designing purposes. We’ll be talking about two local materials, in particular: Ajrak and Darri. Both of these woven materials are most commonly used to upholster furniture items like ottomans, sofas, daybeds and benches. Darri is also found in the form of throws, bed covers, wall-hangings, pillow covers and rugs. Luxury home designs in Pakistan are evolving as homeowners adopt the “traditional” look to honor indigenous craftwork within their own homes.

The Many Uses of Ajrak Within the Home

Ajrak, a distinctive block-print pattern traditionally found in tiles and ceremonial shawls, is deeply intertwined in Sindhi culture. Once only worn on special occasions, Ajrak woven materials are being used by interior designers as pillow covers, floor cushions, quilt covers and sofa throws to add a distinctively folk twist.  It is easy enough to recognize an Ajrak pattern.  It typically consists of repeating geometrical designs in crimson, white, black and indigo colors stamped out by wooden blocks. Ajrak cloth is light-weight when compared to other coarser, heavier textile materials.


Discovering Darri for Interior Design Purposes

Darri is a handmade woven material which originates from the Rajasthan area and is now made across a variety of provinces including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Darri designs vary according to what it will ultimately be used for, be it as a rug or a wall hanging.

Rajhastan Darri

Sofa Coverings

Sofa coverings are an absolute necessity for homes in Pakistan, especially during the hot, dusty summer months. Most homeowners have a rotating collection of loosely-fit sofa covers to extend the life of their couches and sofas. Why not spice things up by using Darri or Ajrak-based woven materials as your next set of sofa covers?

Sofa Cover


Ottomans, done right, can easily become a conversation-starter. Break convention, drop the velvet, and select an ottoman that is upholstered exclusively with Darri woven material. Not only will it bring some color into the drawing room, Darri is an extremely durable material that can withstand regular use without losing its lustre.

Ottoman Seat


When it comes to rugs, for interior decorators in Lahore, the go-to option is Darri woven materials because of their compatibility with the local style of architecture. Its rustic charm allows the rug to blend seamlessly into any room it is used in. Darri rugs, especially those woven with tribal patterns, lend a traditional vibe to a lounge or a smoking den.



Traditional designs such as Ajrak or Darri are quite popular as being used for throws and help complement any type of bedroom whether the design of the bedroom be more modern, simplistic or traditional. The benefit of Ajrak and Darri designs is that they are so exceptional that they will always be an eye-catching addition to a room.  These woven materials, when used as a throw for a sofa or a bed, last much longer in comparison to ordinary velveteen or woolen throws.

 Throw Blanket

Pillow and Cushion Covers

Ajrak, as a fabric for interior design purposes, is extremely versatile. Nowhere is its versatility more apparent than when it is used to style the guest bedrooms or the master bedroom. From deep blue-purple indigo to scorched sun-like orange-red, the intricately patterned Ajrak cloth summons stories from the deserts of Sindh. This rich interplay of contrasting colors upon finely woven cloth is most obvious when used as pillow covers and floor cushion covers. 

Pillow and Cushion Covers

Go Bold with Brightly-colored Bedcovers or Wall Hangings

Stumped about how to inject some color into your bedroom or guest room? Take a chance on traditional woven materials such as Ajrak or Darri and retire that pastel-colored silk bedspread for good.   Designers are now covering up dead wall spaces, like those found in the stairwell or the powder room, with bespoke wall hangings. Replace those yellowing hunting motif paintings with charming, organically-dyed Ajrak or Darri wall hangings. Most interior designers like to suspend the textile-based artwork in a staggered or pyramid-like fashion over a daybed or an arrangement of indoor plants.

Bed Cover

There are considerable savings when styling with Darri or Ajrak, as these woven materials are quite durable when compared to traditional upholstery fabrics. Decorating one’s office or home with locally-sourced woven materials, like Darri and Ajrak, is also a great way to support the native crafts and crafts workers.