While summer and spring are all about blooming flowers and vibrant colours, winter calls for a quieter, warm and cozy arrangement by the fireplace. Some may argue that you cannot change the décor and arrangement of your living room with every changing season, however interior decorators in Lahore have some suggestions on how your living space can provide you the comfort that you may need on a cold winter night.

There are several inspirational ideas for contemporary as well as traditional living room designs that can be incorporated bearing in mind the winter essentials of warmth and comfort.  The correct use of a warm winter colour palette, cozy furniture dressed in warm fabrics along with stylish decorating accessories will create a perfectly comfortable ambience in your house.

If the walls of your living room are painted in all neutrals, you don’t need to change the colour altogether. Lighting up a fireplace can flicker the room with a welcoming warmth. You can rearrange your sofas and chairs around the fireplace and place a rug in front of the fireplace. You can further add to the warm and cozy style by putting a few blankets and throws on the sofa in deep warm hues.

For those who are just setting up their living room, you can choose to paint your walls using soft shades of cream colour for a warm blend in the room. Aim to avoid clutter and create a comfortable space where one can truly relax and unwind. You can also place a classic wooden armchair next to the fireplace and also add a soft throw and a cushion on it. A sleek coffee table can go next to the armchair along with an upholstered footstool in front of it.

The addition of the right kind of fabric can also enhance the winter feel in your living room. Rich fabrics in deep colour shades can bring about a soft warm touch. Patchwork, crochet and knitted designs for throws are ideal to tell the world that winter is here. You can add a few plump cushions to your sofas which have applique.

Winter is often associated with dark, grey and gloomy nights. In order to change that, lighting plays an imperative role in your winter decoration. Apart from a traditional fireplace, you can add a number of scented candles across the living room.

Finally, some winter accessories can be incorporated in your living room design. You can place some fire wood and twigs in a basket and place it next to your fireplace to give it a personalized touch. If you are not using scented candles, you can have a light aroma of scented essential oils in the living room that can help create a pleasant atmosphere. The most popular scents include cinnamon, sandalwood and vanilla. A few candle centerpieces covered in hand knit accessories will add style to your living room this season!