The young aspiring lead architect in the Amer Adnan team explains which is the most effective way to design a low-energy building in Lahore is to protect the building from solar gains. Thermal insulation takes precedence over other strategies; however where the inclusion of daylight is required, double glazed windows allow the passage of natural light while absorbing a good portion of the heat. The need of double glazed windows in Pakistan has become particularly high owing to the heat in summers and the pollution that surrounds us. Here are a few things that will convince you how installing double glazed windows in your homes and offices will make a huge difference on the lifestyle.

Sound Proofing

It brings calmness and cuts unnecessary disruption especially in dwellings that are located in commercial areas. The double glazed glass windows can also prove a valuable investment for schools and offices, as children and workers require peace to do their work. More importantly, after a day of hard work, one deserves to go home with protection from exterior noise.

Furthermore, most houses in Lahore today have generators owing to the excessive load shedding. And it is a huge source of disturbance in terms of noise and the fumes puffed out by the machine. Installing double glazed windows provides efficient defense against both.

Dust Resistant                                 

Commercial areas in Lahore and all over Pakistan not only witnesses the excessive noise issue, but also faces dust pollution as well. Unfortunately, alike many other issues authorities have failed to address this problem too. As a result, home owners have to clean their houses every single day, while their furniture get ruined and worn out because dust is something that is hard to stand for. This puts home owners under constant stress. However, when we talk about double-glazed windows it means no dust and no grime in the house. This magical glass effectively keeps the dust out and allow people to maintain that new and shiny look of their space despite the pollution outside.

Weather Resistance

The biggest concern about having comfortable modern houses in Pakistan is the heat in summers. The load shedding ads to the inconvenience while electricity bills are ever mounting due to the overuse of air conditioners. Having double-glazed windows proves to be a very weather resistant option for people, who live in Sindh, Punjab and Baluchistan. The highly weather resistant quality of double glazed glass, achieved by anti-ultraviolet and high impact resistant formulation, can withstand long exposures in extreme weather conditions like scorching sunlight, dust storms, and high humidity. Mr. Amer of Amer Adnan Associate recommend his clients to install these glass windows in the South-West wing of their houses. As in summers it’s the south-west side of houses that have to withstand the direct sunlight for the most part of the day, said Mr. Amer.