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Window Seating Styles for New Homes

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4 years ago

A freshly-brewed mug of coffee in your hands, the latest best-seller novel in your lap, and the winter afternoon light softening up corners of the study – the only thing missing from this idyllic setting is a custom-built window seat. It is time to exchange your scuffed-up leather recliner for a sophisticated, multi-seater window seating arrangement overlooking a lawn or a busy city street below. Lounging has essentially become a way of life. One will be hard-pressed to find a family member without some electronic device in their hand and on the search for a comfy corner to plop down in. Once properly designed and installed, a window seat can multiply the seating in an otherwise cozy space. Renovation work, like window seats, also allows interior designers in Lahore to flex their design muscles with attractive proposals for their clients.


Built in Window Seats

If you are still in the planning phase of your new house, then you are in luck! This is the opportune time to incorporate a window seat or two into your favorite living spaces. A window seat in the kids’ room adds to their play area while providing another spot to draw or color in peace.  Traditional window seat designs can be modified to provide for drawers, shelves or even small cubby-holes for children to store toys in. An architect can design the window seat so it becomes a part of the dining room with a family-size table out in the front. A pre-existing bay window, that projects from an outward wall, works well if you want to avoid construction work. All you have to do is measure the empty interior space and push a small padded bench into place.


Bump Out Window Seats

Much like its name suggests, the bump-out is when a builder extends an existing room’s space capacity. The extension can be as little as under 1 meter or as large as an entire room. Call in a trustworthy construction company in Lahore to assess the room and suggest possible seating solutions. If the newly-renovated bump-out is on the ground floor, you can commission a custom window seat from your design team for extra utility. The sides of the bump-out space can include bookshelves for favorite reads, picture frames, and even some money plants.


Once you have decided to set up a window seat in your house, there is still so much that can be done, design-wise. For starters, the more cushions there are, the cozier it’ll get. It might make sense to have two sets of cushions and seat covers to cover laundry days. A good rule-of-thumb is to vary fabrics and patterns so no two cushions look alike. After the cushions, you can place a plush sofa throw or a small quilt diagonally across the seat. Think ahead and request your architect to incorporate secret charging outlets for everyday electronic devices like phones and tablets. To ensure year-round use, homeowners can drape off-white cotton curtains that provide privacy while letting in plenty of  natural light.

People of all ages can appreciate a reading nook or a tucked-away corner to doze off in while listening to their favorite ghazal. Window seats offer comfort (usually with a good view), take up little space and can be added to any room of the house, from the kitchen to the formal drawing room.

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