3: Quartz Countertops:

Quartz Countertops

In 2017, kitchens will feature appliances and surfaces that require less upkeep. Many homeowners have already upgraded their kitchen countertops from laminate to quartz in 2016. It seems that the trending look will continue to grip homeowners in the current year.

Previously, quartz worktops were seen as a luxury kitchenette surface, but considering the grandeur natural stone proffers to space more homeowners are now opting for it.

However, this doesn’t mean that one can completely rule out the use of granite in the kitchen as the material is making a small comeback for those who appreciate the natural stone.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what best suits your lifestyle, needs, and requirements.

4: Plain and Handleless Look

Plain and Handleless Look Kitchen

The linear look has gained a lot of popularity during the past year, and the design team at AmerAdnan Associates is expecting that this trend will only grow in 2017.

According to them, modern day kitchens will continue to see more plain and handleless cabinets and doors, predominantly in white, gray or neutral hues and in gloss finishes.

Also, the grained timber effects in natural tones will gain more acceptance in 2017 as more and more homeowners long for sleek and flexible look. Thanks to the increased use of painted color options.

Fads That’ll Vanish in 2017:

1: Short Cabinets

Short Cabinets Kitchen

Instead of going for short cabinets, leading construction companies in Lahore are now installing taller ones. As tall kitchen cabinets make a small cooking space appear bigger and brighter.

2: Speckled Granite

Speckled Granite

Homeowners in Pakistan are no longer restricted to granite worktops. In its place, they can opt for marble, quartz and other types of worktops that are easier to maintain.

3: Dark Paints

Dark Paints Kitchen

The designers are also expecting dark hues such as wood finishes and deep brown paints will go out of favor in 2017 as the “bigger and brighter” will be the new slogan for 2017.