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What Type of Bookshelf Do You Need?

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5 years ago

It is hard to imagine an office, a bedroom or a living room without a bookshelf. The right bookshelf is a good balance between storage, design, personal history and convenience. You can choose the perfect bookshelf for yourself by looking at different options in terms of shape, style, material and colour choices. Here are a few options, recommended by top interior decorators in Pakistan, which will help you decide what sort of bookshelf is the right pick for you.

Modular Bookshelves

Modular bookshelves are made of cubes, either with or without backs and they may come in a variety of sizes. You can stack them to make a complete bookshelf or place them as individual holders. If you feel your room is cluttered and you cannot make room for a freestanding bookshelf then mounting individual modular cubes on the wall would be a good idea. It will serve the purpose and also become an instant eye-catching amenity in your room. Also, with modular bookshelves, you do not necessarily have to fill in all the cubes with books. You can display decorative items in some compartments and books in the rest of them.

Folding Bookshelves

These are the shelves that fold up. Folding bookshelves are an excellent pick for those who need to shift to a new place more often. They take up very little space in the room and you can easily move them around without the hassle of disassembling them first. They are a great space saving option.

Ladder Bookshelves

Ladder bookshelves resemble a ladder as the name suggests and the rungs serve as shelves to hold books or other items. The lowest rung is the widest one and becomes narrower as you move up the ladder. Also, a ladder bookshelf can either be a leaning one or a free standing one. The footing of a ladder bookshelf is usually made of rubber which prevents it from slipping easily. But even then, it is advisable that you place it somewhere where it cannot be knocked off easily.

Revolving Bookshelves

The revolving bookshelves are an ideal pick for your living rooms and offices. They are sleek, stylish and space-saving. The ideal place to put a revolving bookshelf in your room would be unused spaces such as the corners. Mix up a few decoration pieces with books and you will have a unique and attractive bookshelf ready.

Barrister Bookshelves

Barrister bookshelves are a classic pick for living rooms especially if you prefer a rustic touch. Originally, these were designed for barristers and they were meant to store large and heavy books. They are sturdy and functional and have heavy wooden frames and a glass door to protect books from being damaged. Ideally place your barrister bookshelf adjacent to your fireplace in the living room.

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