Kids’ room perhaps becomes the messiest place of your house after storage room because your little ones do not need to rack their minds on maintaining cleanliness during this golden period of age, they get everything done for them by their parents or maids.

The more clutter is seen in the children’s room during their playtimes. Certainly! you must be looking out for ways through which you can keep this mess away.

Do you know that your kids’ room requires more storage spaces as compared to elders? Apart from the books and clothes, they need to have storage spaces for their toys, stationary, shoes, and other things. Moreover, by providing proper storage spaces, you can make your children’s room look more spacious and organized. So, the best way to maintain the tidy look of your children’s room is to have more storage spaces in it.

Although hiring a Pakistani interior designer is the best option, as he can give you wise recommendations after having a look at your kids’ room, yet here is a brief guide about the storage spaces, you can have in your kids’ room.

Select the Beds with Storage Spaces

A smart option to increase the storage space in your children’s room, is to place the beds with built-in storage spaces underneath, usually in the form of pull-out drawers. This kind of storage is useful in way that it does not require covering special space in your kids’ room; rather it is just beneath, where you can store blankets, sports outfits and even the bed sheets. At the end, it is your choice what you want to store in them.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds – the contemporary style of furniture for your kids’ room, are the best option to provide sleeping as well as storage space for your children. If you have more than one kid, then choose the bunk beds with staircases alongside which there are pull out drawers in every step. These drawers not only provide storage space but also give a chic look to the whole interior of your children’s room. Moreover, these beds can also have underneath storage spaces in the form of drawers. You can find multiple designs of bunk beds with maximum storage spaces and designs. Consulting some interior decorators in Lahore is good because being professional they can give you a better guidance than anyone else.


When it comes to placing ironed clothes, trophies, toys or some decorative things, you cannot go for hidden or pull-out drawers. Thus, the better option is to have shelves with different types of storage spaces – for instance, when you reserve a space to hang children’s clothes, also allocate a space to display trophies, gifts, pictures or toys. One or two racks could be reserved for placing books and stationary items.

Thus, contemporary storage spaces can help you enhance the look of your children’s room by making it tidier and more spacious.  To get perfect storage spaces and trendy interior designing in your kids’ room, you can hire any well-reputed interior designer in Pakistan like Amer Adnan Associates.