The trend of shabby chic decor has not yet gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan, which is why not many of you will be aware of it. For those who don’t know, remember those old torn out frames, chairs and desks you have thrown away in a store room? Well, they are in fashion again, and in the designing world they are called shabby chic.

When did ‘shabby’ become popular?

Shabby chic emerged as a popular style of home decor in Great Britain somewhere around the 80s. Though antique decor has always been appreciated, shabby chic made everyday-worn-out-items stylish. People started taking out items belonging to their grandmothers out and markets started being filled with items intentionally given a torn look. Today, shabby chic remains one of the most popular décor styles; with people proudly adorning items dating as far back as the 18th century.

Best interior designer in Pakistan

In Pakistan, shabby chic trend has just started to emerge. As said earlier, it is not that popular yet, but you will find shabby items such as desks, metallic pots, frames and chairs in famous shops and markets in large cities. Many people who have that eye for such kind of beauty are readily buying such items, and soon enough you will find this trend catching up with the people of this part of the world.

Why should you go for shabby chic?

According to some of the famous interior designers in Pakistan, there are many reasons to go for shabby chic fashion. First of all it is cheap, as you can re-use any of your old items and call them chic. There is a reason why this style became massively popular in the middle class. People can get items from flea market and it will be chic. Secondly, old and torn items project a certain class that is absent in new and polished items. Dated objects tell a story, they have a history whereas new items are just there for their beauty.

Ideas for shabby chic decor

There are two ways to adopt shabby fashion. First, which is also the most popular way, is to decorate your house with aged items. You can use shabby photo frames, place old looking vanity cases, chests and desks in your room or you can place  small torn out decorated items like pots and vases (given a rusted look) in some parts of your house. The second way would be to go for a shabby theme. For that you can revamp your entire room to give an old look. If you already have torn walls and Victorian furniture well and good, if not you can take help from the best interior designers in Pakistan and redecorate your room to give an old look of your choice. You can go for the Parisian theme, rustic, Victorian or simply a two or three decade old look.

So, next time when you go to a home decor shop and find shabby items; buy them. If you have a chest full of your grandmother’s items take them out, because being shabby is cool.