Some of the people in Pakistan do not bother renovating their houses for a longer time period even they ignore it at the stage of selling their residences. Although, small improvements are made occasionally such as painting and filling up the dumps created on the walls due to dampness in the Monsoon season.

When a house is not renovated for a longer time period, it not only looks untidy but also causes many other hazards to a safe living. Let us learn some of the issues which you may find in a house that is not remodeled for a longer time period.

Leakage, Dampness, Bad Odor

Have you ever noticed that odor your house gives out after the heavy rainfall season? The leakage and the dampness become a major cause of this bad odor. Therefore, most of the people go for repainting their houses along with doing various other constructional improvements because it makes the house look fresher and newer. What if you ignore making improvements regarding the dampness leakage and paint after every rainfall? It would certainly convert your dwelling into more of a horrible place to live in.

Insulation Gets Weaker 

A house with no renovation for years and years starts losing its insulation that leaves it colder in winters and warmer in the summers. In such a situation, people usually avoid replacing the old insulation because the cost of removing drywall to insert a new insulation layer can max out their pockets. The better alternative method is to cut small holes in the wall and insert insulations into the cavities. Although, it does not work like a proper insulation yet it does help creating environment-friendly feel inside your house in a relatively lower budget. You can also consult a modern architect in Pakistan, because he, after taking a round of your house can offer you a number of cost-effective renovation methods.

Lead Paint

Older houses, which are not painted on the regular basis, are at risk of disposing off lead paint chips, which can be chewed by the kids at home. Usually, when the walls are not painted for a long time period, the paint starts peeling and gets dispersed in the air to become airborne particles which when inhaled, can be highly toxic for the health of residents. If you want to remove this old led paint, you should better shift to another place because the scratching may cause the clouds in your house, ultimately causing difficulty in breathing.

Likely to Collapse   

You hear many of the incidents of roof-fall and various other similar incidents during the rainy season in Pakistan. As in the recent floods of 2014, during Monsoon in Pakistan, there have been noticed a number of sad incidents where roof-fall and house collapse resulted in a number of causalities. Such cases are seen when houses get too old and are not renovated on regular basis. Therefore, to avoid any such kind of mishap, you should get your house inspected by some experienced modern architect in Lahore as he can provide you with the best solution within your available budget.


Asbestos is the most commonly used insulation which has a direct link with the lungs cancer. When a house gets too old, the insulation starts showing up in floor tiles, duct work, roof tiles and in many other building materials. If detected in your house – should be removed immediately.

People might delay or ignore renovation on regular intervals for the sake of saving money but they may not realize the price they have to pay in the form of above mentioned serious dangers.