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What Homeowners Want in an Architect

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4 years ago

The milestone of becoming a first-time homeowner can be cause for both excitement as well as fear. As many other new homeowners, you may also be feeling quite overwhelmed.  From scoping out possible tile finishes to finalizing the crew who will handle all the construction in Lahore -there is so much to do! You must research and interview with various architectural teams before ultimately deciding upon a team to work with. This is non-negotiable! Follow along as we detail what needs to be done at every step.

From the Ground Up: Research Phase


The key step in becoming a first-time homeownership involves finding an architect, ideally one whose style complements your own. Now, this calls for some dedicated brainstorming!  Chances are you have never put down what you admire, design-wise, on paper before. Here is where the internet comes handy; log on to the popular visual bookmarking website ‘’ and set up your private account. All you need to do now is start typing in house design styles or components that you find intriguing into the search bar. Within seconds you will hundreds upon hundreds of options, from stucco walls to Grecian columns, to choose from. Create a board or two to ‘pin’ your favorite design concepts onto, preferably a different one for exterior design, interior, house design, floor plan, and even landscaping design.

You must be wondering about what features result in picking the best architect in Lahore. These factors may include years of professional experience, what projects they have worked on, their reputation in the local community and so on. Start off by searching for experienced, well-reputable architects that are based in your city. Even those based outside of your city can qualify if they have a mobile design and project management team. What you should be primarily looking for is the architect’s standalone website. If a portfolio is available, see which projects they have worked on and if there is anything you would like to incorporate into your own home. It’s essential that an architectural design firm possess a user-friendly website that informs visitors about their list of design services. It is basically a business’s calling card!

Ring-Ring: Getting in Touch with Prospective Architects


Now, you must contact the architect themself. If you like what a particular architect has to offer, then pick up the phone and call them. Have a one-to-one discussion with a representative from the team, tell them what you’re looking for and they will respond with a detailed quote. This is actually the first step in determining what the team is actually like, and how they can benefit your dream home project. Evaluate the representative speaking to you over the phone, what is their tone of voice like? Do they seem proactive and knowledgeable? Are they well-informed as well as friendly? Would you feel comfortable interacting with them over a long period of time? This is your first glimpse into how they function so make most of it.

Face-to-Face: Setting Up a Meeting with the Architect


After you think that this architect may be right for you, your next step will be to set up a meeting with them. See how they respond and whether they are eager to set up a meeting with you or not. You will want a team of ambitious and go-getting professionals who will be readily meet with you to discuss the home project. This is where you will actually get to interact with the team in their natural habitat. How are their communication skills? Do you see yourself working with this team for such a major project? These are only some of the questions you’ll have to answer after meeting has concluded.

Setting Things in Motion: Ground-breaking

Client Satisfaction

Now that you are satisfied with the team of architects, you’ve completed the main step in homeownership. It’s time to review all the available options with the architectural team. If you have an idea beforehand, let the architectural team know. This is where you can pull out you digital “mood board” on Pinterest.  You can even share pictures of residential projects that best represent your aesthetic – down to the tiny details on the floor-to-floor carpeting.

As a first-time homeowner, you will want a architectural design team that provides a true customer experience, a team that really listens to what you want and does not ignore even the slightest detail. As you can see, finding the right architect is the most crucial step in the home-building process. Partnership with reliable architectural team will be further strengthened by teaming up with a trusted construction company in Lahore.

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