Whether you are professional artist or just an admirer or beautiful art work, you won’t mind decorating your home with something that adds to its beauty and creates a whimsical ambience. The wall art is swiftly becoming one of the popular ways to decor plain walls.

As a result, wide variety of luxury homes in Pakistan these days have their walls decorated with decals or murals. At first, we need to figure out the difference between a wall decal and a wall mural. Well, both are the same except for the difference that murals are the larger version of decals, as they fully cover the walls.

The professionally qualified and experienced interior designers such as AmerAdnan® usually decorate one wall of every room with murals and leave the rest plain to maintain that perfect balance between design and simplicity. The murals could be landscape paintings or a combination of different shapes and patterns, depending on a room’s desired theme and decor preferences.

As said by AmerAdnan® “your walls are your home’s canvas”. The designs on walls represent your personality, your style and your deep inspirations. There are many ways of decorating your walls, but we have listed down a few popular ones.

1: Facts About Wall Decals

The wall decals are differentiated in terms of designs and materials that they are made of. The most popular kind of wall decals are made of matte vinyl or a laminated paper. These are adhesive on one side and can be bought in different custom-cutouts, letters, words and borders. All wall decals are not reusable, however, some of them can be reused.

To make sure that your wall decals won’t get stretched or torn off, when they are removed from a surface,  laminate them with an overlay that will work as an added layer of protection.

The manufacturers of wall decals make pre-painted and pre-cut decals available in different measurements to match different decor needs. These decal stickers can be easily fixed to any smooth surface ceramic, glass, tile or even a concrete wall.

Unlike wallpapers,  wall decals do not crack up in high humidity. They are more resistant to peeling because of their strong adhesive nature. Another thing that needs to be known is they are resilient to smoke and water too, which makes it a long lasting product.

Lastly, the wall decals do not lose their color or fade off, which makes them an ideal décor solution for home walls.

2: Facts About Wall Murals

Wall murals, as described earlier, are the bigger decals that completely cover the walls. They come with an ultra-strong adhesive on one side which means they stay affixed to the wall for years.

The wall murals come in a plethora of designs that either include repeating patterns or special design themes. These themes could be related to nature, sports, cars, families, cartoon characters and more. For living, drawing and dining rooms, the most popular wall murals are the with nature themes.

Whether you are planning to install wall decals or wall murals in your home, remember to take professional advice from a qualified Pakistani interior designer like AmerAdnan® to make sure that your hard-earned money never goes down the drain with any wrong decision.