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Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

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2 years ago

Having a small space is nothing less than a struggle when you have to fit in all necessary objects in the rooms. Sometimes you cannot have a bigger place either because of the square footage you own or the design and layout. Other than that, since a lot of people are spending most of the time at home because of the pandemic, our houses have suddenly started to look smaller. Well it is true that you cannot increase the size of the rooms but you can always make your home look more spacious. Most of the hotel rooms are quite small however they look spacious because of the illusion created by interior design tricks. We have talked to the top interior designers in Lahore to find ways that can help you make your house look more spacious.

Declutter And Organize


When you are going to make your house look more spacious, the first step is to declutter and organize everything. Check every room for items which are not aesthetically needed or are not used on a daily basis and store them away from sight. Clear your table tops and only keep necessary items on them. A prominent house interior decorator in Lahore suggests that you throw away or donate all the stuff that is not aesthetically or functionally contributing to the house. For the things that you cannot throw away, you need to make sure that everything is properly organized. Get custom-made pieces which are designed and built according to your space. Keep “less is more” approach in your mind while you are clearing the clutter. Once you are done with this step, you will feel free and liberated.

Clear The Floor And The Walls

Clear The Floor And The Walls

The more clear your floor and walls are, the bigger your place will feel. We often use floors as storage places and put various things in different corners just because we cannot find a suitable storage space for them. Because of these scattered objects on the floor, we feel our space invaded and gradually shrinking. While decluttering, if you start clearing up the floor, you will feel an instant change in the form of the entire space looking brighter and lighter. Having art hanging on your walls is really good for the aesthetics however if your walls are crowded by various decoration pieces, says an architect in Pakistan, it will make the whole place look very small. Clearing up the walls will allow a feeling of emptiness to come in equilibrium with the over-burdened space and maintain a balance. Do not strip everything off the walls, keep the aesthetics and functionality in mind and remove the excess items.

Go For Smart Storage


The most viable way to make your house look spacious is to invest in smart storage. Having wall-to-ceiling book shelves is a good option if you have huge library of books and movies rather than putting these things on furniture. Similarly, interior decorators in Pakistan are now recommending to purchase furniture which has extra storage space in it, such as hollow ottomans, coffee tables with drawers, under bed storage, and other such furniture. Furniture with extra storage can help optimize the space by helping keep the clutter stay away from spreading everywhere. Similarly furniture that can be used for multiple purposes is a great way to minimize the use of space and thus clear the floors as well.

Choose Low And Slim Furniture

Choose Low And Slim Furniture

Using sleek furniture does not occupy excess space. Even if you are going with the classic style of interior, purchase furniture that has classical shape but is not too heavy or has large arms to cover more space than needed. There are a lot of modern coffee tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture which come in slim abstract designs and low heights. Choosing furniture with low height may not seem to make a big impact, but once everything is in place, you will notice that your house will look bigger because of the more space above. This is why it is suggested to add ottomans in your seating area as they are low and do not cover much area on the floor.

Utilize Lighting Appropriately

Utilize Lighting Appropriately

Dark and badly lit places appear smaller so modern house designs in Pakistan have appropriate lighting in place. The lighting in your place should be a combination of the natural and artificial lights. Having glass doors and large ceiling-to-floor windows will not only allow maximum light into the space but the see through connection with the outer space will make your house look more spacious. Use several lights spread out in the room instead of going for a big central light because it will highlight the middle of the room but the corners will be in less light so the room will look smaller. You can stretch the visual appearance of the room by spreading out the light. Architecture companies in Pakistan suggest using sconces as they emit plenty of light without using a lot of space. To light up the dark corners, floor lamps are a great option if you have enough space. Avoid low hanging ceiling lights as they will close the distance between the light source and the floor and the space will look smaller.

We have done our part by telling you the ways through which you can make your house look more spacious. Now it’s your part to press the pedal and get the changes done. Keep in mind that your house should be centered on aesthetics and functionality and the rest of the things can go inside storage. Focus on lighting, choose appropriate features, and invest in smart storage so you can have a better place to live in.

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