There are many different ways that are used for increasing the appeal of a home’s or office’s interior. Out of many different ways used in the modern day for enhancing home or office walls, there are wallpapers. These smart paper-made tools help you adding a decorative flair to your walls. The wallpapers are available in a myriad of colors, designs, patterns and are made out of many different materials, each having its pros and cons. No matter the type of wallpaper you choose for your room, always make sure that its functionality perfectly defines your special requirements. There are some wallpapers made for special areas of your home or office while the others are suitable for all kinds of settings. The interior decorators in Pakistan recommend making use of water resistant wallpapers for homes to ensure longevity and usability.

Types of Wallpapers Available in Pakistan

With the advancement of technology at a rapid pace, myriad of wallpapers have been made available by the country’s leading wallpaper manufacturers. The most popular of all wallpapers include vinyl wallpapers followed by grasscloth, foil and flocked wallpapers. Please read below to find out about how different types of wallpapers can solve your home or office décor needs.

Vinyl Wallpapers

The most popular and practicable kind of wallpapers are included in the vinyl wallpapers category. The vinyl wallpapers are further divided into many different categories, each having its own benefits. Available in many different finishes and colors, these durable and easy to clean wallpapers are highly recommended by the top interior designers in Pakistan. Solid vinyl, vinyl coated, paper backed vinyl, and fabric backed vinyl are the types of vinyl wallpapers you can buy for your wall décor needs.

Washable Wallpapers

Washable WallpapersAs the name suggests, the washable wallpapers can be washed whenever they get stained. They come with a thin plastic transparent coating that makes them highly resistant to stains and marks. The washable wallpapers can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth whenever they get dirty or stained. For all those people with children at home, washable wallpapers are an ultimate choice.

Woodchip Wallpapers

Unlike most of the other wallpapers, these are not very costly and comprise smaller chips of wood on the finished side of basic paper base. The woodchip wallpapers are available in a number of grades that range from the chips of wood to quite coarse pieces. You can make use of this kind of wallpapers for hiding minor defects in your home walls. All you need is to apply paint on these wallpapers as soon as the paper completely dries off.

Embossed Wallpapers

Embossed WallpapersThis kind of wallpapers comprise colored patterns that help adding a decorative flair instead of a plain paper finish. These wallpapers can be overpainted later when their patterns become faded. The embossed wallpapers, as the name implies, come with raised designs that help providing an elegant three dimensional effect to the designs making walls look more classy and valuable than ever.