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Unique Kitchen Trends by Interior Designers in Lahore

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2 years ago

Interior Designers in Pakistan believe that people now expect a kitchen to be as classy as the main living area. Designers have responded by providing an enormous increase in choice. Homeowners can now choose between a huge selection of cabinetry, fittings, lighting, and appliances.

The outline of your kitchen is usually read out by the arrangement of the adjacent rooms. There are however, a couple of all-purpose instructions for the ground plan. The foremost popular kitchen outlines are ‘L’ shaped, ‘C’ shaped and ‘J’ shaped.

Whe formation of shelving and size of storage areas inside is basically personal choice and inclination. Shelves certainly ought to be modifiable and easily detachable for cleaning.

In this article, we’ll check out some unique styles and trends in kitchen designs by interior decorators in Lahore that transform this space into an active experience daily.

The Farmhouse Look 

Part of the appeal in a spot-on farmhouse is the way old pieces are given new life or new purpose. Use timeworn wood in places where you would possibly otherwise use drywall or new trim and beading. Kitchens are filled with rigid surfaces, so tallying a country texture by using baskets and plants is usually a much-longed-for relief from the sleek and glossy. You can bring coziness to an old table with a fresh coat of chalk paint. Couple this with mixed-and-matched seats, then top the table with a jar full of fresh flowers to finish your farmhouse look.

The Fresh Pop of Color

The Fresh Pop of Color


Pack your kitchen with fresh colors. This way it might come to be an area that’s fun, alluring and lively. If your shelves and cabinets are monochromatic, add a pop of color like purple or brown to the breakfast counter. This helps in breaking the monotony and in filling the atmosphere with a jovial freshness that’s much-needed within the kitchen anyways!

Use Natural Tones

Use Natural Tones

In a spacious kitchen, natural tones pair up with fresh neutrals for a simple, relaxed tone. A soft gray perimeter of the space is often contrasted with sand-sheen accents, complemented by blue-gray base. A solid marble slab for the kitchen’s backsplash can help brighten and visually open up the space.

Spanish Flair

Breathe new life into your kitchen with a soothing shade of blue throughout. Interior designers in Lahore usually combine midcentury modern with a bit Spanish flair by employing a bold look in black and white to pair beautifully with some gray perimeter cabinets. This is often an excellent option for open kitchens.

Stylish and Efficient

Stylish and Efficient

A triking black-and-white tiled flooring, a quartz-topped breakfast bar and a copper channel tile backsplash is a great combination for an open kitchen. This complemented with silver/metallic appliances will reflect an industrial-chic ambiance.

The kitchen is the busiest of the spaces in your house; however if it’s not an area that personally appeals to you, any activity done within this space will eventually be reduced to only a dull and mundane task. With these concepts and tips you’ll turn an uneventful kitchen into a daily joyful experience that not only incorporates the thought of cooking meals for the day, but also the visual treat that your eyes receive. Make each cooking experience a well-anticipated moment and transform your kitchen with these alluring, yet practical, kitchen trends.

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