Walls make a major portion of our house and they are also one of the most visible elements in a home. Your walls leave quite an impact on the visitors by either leaving them in awe or ruining the whole look of the house. Interior designers in Pakistan pay extra attention to the décor of the walls so they stand out and speak for your aesthetic sense. Regular painted or whitewashed walls are still in use but if you want to create a long-lasting impression, they are a little inadequate for the purpose. If you want to make a statement with your interior design, you should try unconventional wall décor. Unconventional walls can include diverse ideas, contemporary trends, and personalized touch of fashion. We have talked to the top interior designers in Pakistan to make a list of unconventional wall décor ideas that you can implement to instantly witness the magical transformation of your house.

Rugs on The Wall


Rugs are meant to be on the floor. Are they? No one ever said that. Interior designers in Pakistan let their imagination go wild, and recommended putting the rug on the wall. This is an example of unconventional wall décor that will make your place stand out. Choose the rug according to the size of the wall and it will make even a plain white wall look stunning. This will add a touch of warmth and coziness to the room. This idea is perfect for living rooms and open areas. The variety of patterns, colors, and design is unlimited in carpets and you can try out various things. It is easy to maintain as well because all you need to do is to run a vacuum over it or take it down and wash it before putting it back. You can either contrast it by having no carpet on the floor or you can have a larger one for the floor too which will make the room look coherent and in harmony. If you want to make an unconventionally bold statement with a touch of tradition, this is your best choice.

Mosaic Walls


This millennia-old decorative fine arts technique stays relevant and can help produce the striking impression you want your house to make at a glance. According to the top interior designers in Pakistan, this centuries-old technique is perfect for modern wall décor. It uses small pieces of colorful tiles of different shapes to create one large picture with various designs and decorative elements. It is true that creating a mosaic wall is no small feat and can take lots of effort but the final product is such a masterpiece that it will make every bit of the effort worth it. Interior decorators in Lahore deem mosaic tiles to be the best unconventional wall décor for bathrooms and kitchen areas as it creates a sophisticated and artistic display best suited for smaller areas. Using mosaic can instantly give your house a luxurious look.

Laminated Walls

Laminated Walls

Laminate is an excellent material for flooring and shelving but recently the interior designers in Pakistan have found another great way to make use of this material. They are now using laminate for wall decoration as well and there are pretty good reasons for it. Walls in modern design have the role to bring spaces together by creating cohesion rather than acting as separators. Laminate fulfills these requirements appropriately by creating a warm, welcoming vibe. You can either laminate an entire wall or some part of it to give an exquisite and expensive look to the place. You can either use it in wood or other natural materials as well. Laminate is not only aesthetically appealing, but it is also very durable, easy to maintain and install. If you want to create a greater impact with little effort, pick laminate.

Leather on Walls


No matter the industry, leather means one thing “Luxury”. Using leather on the walls is another great idea that interior designers in Pakistan use to create a posh 3D effect with a comforting, soothing, elegant, and luxurious ambiance. Best suited for study, bedroom, and makeup rooms, leather is perfect to create a bold and luxurious statement that will certainly capture your guests’ minds. Leather is applied on walls in the form of panels which can be used to cover the entire wall or a portion of it. Regardless of the area, you cover, it will certainly have its effect. If you think there are limitations in using leather, then the best interior designers in Pakistan will ask you to think twice because leather is available in different colors, stitching, and other such options. If you want to add an element of luxury to your bedroom, you should go with it.

Live Walls


Widely considered by interior designers in Pakistan as the top non-traditional wall décor idea, live walls are trending in both commercial and residential designs. Live walls can bring a lifeless wall to life by bringing nature inside the house. Live walls can either be self-sufficient vertical gardens or they can also be artificially sustained rain walls. You can choose the plants and the wall design of your choice. Either dedicate the whole to one flower or an assortment of flowers or use non-flowering plants. You can also make shelves to accommodate succulents. It will create a refreshing ambiance and will also act as air purifiers if you have aloe vera and snake plants. The rain curtain or water wall is another great choice for a live wall that can add a wow factor. These are some of the most advanced unconventional wall decors which can add luxury, elegance, and sophistication to the place. Do you like the soft murmuring of rain? You can bring it indoors and enjoy it all the time by having a rain wall in your home. This may be an expensive option but the impact is at least ten times more than any other idea discussed above. Try these wall decoration ideas and see your house transform into a place of immense beauty.