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Trendy Ideas for Interior Decorators in Lahore

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5 years ago

Interior decorators in Lahore keep a close eye on the latest trending interior designs by observing the aesthetic patterns. Correctly anticipating upcoming décor styles will benefit both the client as well as the business. Trending interior designs for this year have been based on the posts that people have shared on different forums or the search frequency of interior design terms. Let’s have a look at some of this year’s most trending interior décor designs.

Going Green

Green is definitely the colour of the year when it comes to furnishing a house or an office. Green colour awakens the sense when it becomes part of the home or office interior. The style this year emphasizes more on an overgrown and free look – for instance, imagine large hanging plant nests with long, wild ivy growing from the staircase corner. From a budget point of view, adding a touch of nature to your home space is an affordable means of accessorizing the area as well as adding texture and color. In addition to their many benefits, plants can also clean the household air and help maintain a balanced humidity percentile.

Light Colours Coupled with Mirrors

Every house has a certain compact area where it can be tricky to get creative within a confined space. Although smart furniture for space management is one of the options for tackling small spaces, but a starting point would be to paint the walls of such a room with light colours. Light coloured walls coupled with the use of large mirrors helps maximize smaller areas. The optical illusion of space that is created by the use of mirrors makes the room seem much larger than it actually is. It is imperative to appreciate the importance of using light colours on the walls of compact spaces because even with an abundance of mirrors and natural light, a room that is painted with dark colours is likely to have a more boxed-in feel to it.

Wicker Baskets

Baskets are not only a great solution for storage problems but they are also decorative and can instantly add warmth and texture to a room. Woven, lined, metal, handled or coloured, there are endless options when it comes to choosing the ideal wicker basket for your decorating style. They are an economical and sophisticated way to add storage and décor to your home space. Wicker baskets are normally used to store and display décor magazines, books, towels, craft items, etc. They are available in different shapes and sizes which adds a variety to the warmth that you can incorporate in your living space. Add a wicker basket to your kitchen countertop and have a beautiful display of well-stored fruits and vegetables!

Copper Accents

Gone are the days when copper was a huge hit for bathroom designs only –  when clients were head over heels for incorporating this metal material for appliances and fixtures. Copper has become a popular and fun material to experiment with throughout the house, from having copper picture frames and mirrors to adding copper candleholders in your dining room. Copper makes modern interior design not only look stylish but also elegant and rich. It brings a glowing, beautiful warm and deep orange shade in the house and compliments every neutral colour with grace. Metal objects, room furniture, wall décor and small copper accents add an enormous amount of warmth, elegant shine and luxury to any interior design. They are known to best contrast with cold silver, bright golden colours, rustic wood and textured surfaces along with leather.