In the constantly evolving world of Pakistani architecture, as we witness contemporary designs gain popularity, classic house designs still hold a special place and preference for many people. It is to be noted that classic house designs in Pakistan can be adapted to the needs of the modern time and current trends without losing the classical charm. From the use of classical elements and traditional materials, and fusing them with modern amenities, here’s a list of ideas given below to get the best of both worlds to create a functional, comfortable and charming house.

Neoclassical Touch

Adding a neoclassical touch to a classic house design in Pakistan involves drawing inspiration from classical architecture of Greece and Rome while keeping in mind the culture and climate of Pakistan. Symmetry is strongly emphasized in neoclassical architecture. The facade should be symmetrical, the entrance should be located at the center, while the placement of windows and other architectural elements should be balanced.

Classic house designs

Columns can be used at the entrance as they can add a sense of splendor to the design. Add pediments above the entrance door and windows to create proportion. You can incorporate a portico for shelter which also serves as a focal point of the facade. Classic house designs in Pakistan feature balustrades on balconies and terraces in order to enhance the classical appeal. You can further incorporate the neoclassical style in interiors.

Victorian Details

Assimilating Victorian details in classic house designs in Pakistan can create a distinct architectural style. The Victorian era is well known for its decorative and eclectic architectural style. You can incorporate decorative gables and dormer windows in the roof of your classic house design. The columns used in the porch can have ornate details.

Classic house designs

Since stained glass is an important component of Victorian architecture, you can use it for the windows. You can use tiles for the roof. A fireplace with a decorative mantel can enhance the Victorian aesthetic of the house. You can use patterned wallpapers in the interior. Dark wooden accents and hardwood flooring can be incorporated into classic house designs in Pakistan. For that purpose you can use walnut or mahogany.

Mediterranean Flair

Incorporating Mediterranean features into classic house designs in Pakistan creates a distinct architectural blend. You can apply a stucco finish to your exterior walls because Mediterranean homes have a smooth, white or earthy-toned stucco exterior. You can use arched openings instead of doors and windows or add wooden shutters on the windows. Terracotta roof tiles can be incorporated into classic house designs in Pakistan.

Classic house designs

You can use a Mediterranean inspired color palette that consists of ochre, terracotta and deep blues. Incorporating a central courtyard or a patio would give your design a focal point.  For the interior you can add exposed wooden beams, arches and niches. Terracotta or Ceramic tiles can be used for flooring. The use of wrought iron is an important element in this architectural style. You can use furniture made of natural materials or wrought iron. Consider incorporating water features such as a small pond or fountain. Use lantern-like pendant lights or wall sconces. 

Georgian Grace

Classic house designs in Pakistan take influence from the architectural styles of historical periods. Georgian architecture is known for its timeless, symmetric and proportionate designs. You can use square and rectangular shapes, hipped roofs, central entrances with decorative crowns. Make sure that every element of the facade is balanced, from the placement of windows down to the size and shapes of other architectural elements. The square and rectangular shapes provide a clean layout and result in a symmetrical facade.

Classic house designs

You can use a hipped roof that slopes gently on all four sides. Use slate or tile on the roof for durability. A prominent central entrance with a decorative crown serves as the focal point of the facade and provides a sense of grandeur. Use columns and pediments to enhance the classical appearance of the house. You can also use brick and stone for durability and timelessness. It lends a warm and earthy character to the façade.

French Country Flair

French architectural elements can be incorporated in classic house designs in Pakistan. Pitched roofs with gable ends, stone or stucco exteriors, and arched doorways can be incorporated into classic house designs in Pakistan.  The use of a gable roof allows for attic or loft spaces. Stone and stucco add texture and a rustic touch. Stucco can be used as a cost effective alternative for stone.

Classic house designs

Arches are a hallmark of French architecture. You can use exposed wooden beams in exterior and interior to enhance the classic appeal of the house. They can be used for both structural support and aesthetic purposes. You can use terracotta roof tiles in different colors. You can opt for decorative wooden shutters on the windows. Try incorporating decorative ironwork in your classic house design in Pakistan. Choose neutral shades like beige, cream and taupe.

Modern Classic Fusion

Incorporating modern elements in a classic house design in Pakistan offers a perfect blend of old world and contemporary living. You can combine large windows, open floor plans and energy efficient features with classical design elements. The exterior façade can depict classic elegance and showcase the use of traditional materials like brick, wood and stone. Columns and intricate lattice work can add a classical charm to your design. Windows with wooden trim and energy efficient glazing can be used in a classic house design in Pakistan.

Classic house designs

Open floor plan design will promote fluidity. You can integrate a courtyard in the design with a garden or a water feature. The interiors can be a fusion of classic and modern elements. You can use rich wooden flooring with ornate ceilings and handcrafted furniture. Use modern amenities like smart home technology and state of the art kitchen appliances that blend with classic accents.  

Custom Millwork

Custom millwork in a classic house design in Pakistan includes the use of crown molding, wainscoting and coffered ceilings. Crown molding adds splendor to the room. You can opt for different crown molding patterns like dentil molding, egg and dart pattern or acanthus leaf motifs. These patterns can be matched to the architectural style of your home. Wainscoting is installed to the lower half of the walls to add visual interest and protection against wear and tear.

Classic house designs

You can choose from the various wainscoting styles to complement the design and color scheme of your house. Coffered ceilings provide depth and dimension to the ceiling. You can customize the wood, size and spacing of the coffers on the ceiling according to your preference. You can opt for high quality wood for the millwork. The paint for millwork makes a huge difference, while lighter colors help make the room appear larger, the darker colors can add warmth. 

Timeless Color Palette

Neutral color palettes are a great choice for classic house designs in Pakistan. You can use different shades of white, ranging from pure white to off-whites like ivory or cream. White serves as an excellent backdrop for other colors.

Classic house designs

Grey as a neutral color ranges from cool to warm tones and it can be used for walls and furniture as it pairs well with other accent colors. Opt for beige for living spaces, bedrooms and dining areas. Consider other colors like taupe that fall in the category of neutral colors. You can add depth and visual interest by incorporating different shades and textures of the same color in a classic house design in Pakistan. Lighting can also influence how the colors appear. 

Landscape Design

Gardens, hedges and well maintained lawns are an excellent way to complement a classic house design in Pakistan. Keep symmetry in mind while designing gardens. The design should have a focal point like a fountain, flowerbed or a statue. You can surround the focal point with pathways and hedges. You can use traditional plants that suit the climate and region of Pakistan. If there are no space constraints, a fountain or pool can be an amazing addition. You can incorporate pergolas, trellises and outdoor seating in your landscape for a classic house design in Pakistan

Classic house designs in Pakistan have been deeply rooted in history and cultural heritage and they have stood the test of time and adapted to contemporary living standards while maintaining the classical charm. These days’ Classic house designs in Pakistan blend the beauty of the past and comforts of today. While modern designs take over the architectural landscape, classic designs remind us of our past and endless possibilities that can be created when we merge classic elegance with contemporary living. 

Written by : Gashia Imtiaz