Treating windows is not only about covering them for the privacy purpose; instead it is an essential part of interior designing work that allows you to create a decorative element in an area of your house. Thus, window treatments involve functional as well as decorative perspective because along with providing privacy these also enhance the look of a particular zone in your house. In most of the modern house designs in Pakistan, you will see the windows are treated in a way that these become the focal point of an area. The elegant curtains, cellular shades and roller shades transform your windows from just ventilators to artistic pieces.

Like various other things related to interior designing, the trend of window treatments has also been changing. Here is the list of some of the window treatment trends for the year 2015.

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Increasing Use of Natural Decorative Materials

People living in urban areas are not blessed to stay near to natural environment; therefore, they try to incorporate nature in their residences in an artificial way. Along with using regular fabric draperies, they go for natural materials, textures and colors, when it comes to treating windows. For this, they go for coverings which are made up of grasses, wood, bamboo and reeds.

Metallic Decoration on Peak

In the year 2015, the use of metallic finishes for window treatments have come back. Earlier, the metallic window finishes were used only in the kitchen and bathroom but now the usage is seen throughout the house but in a more colorful range and variety. Up till now their usage was seen in the cool tones of chrome, nickel and stainless steel but now the latest trend incorporates shades of gold, brass, bronze and copper.

The Use of Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Now the trend has shifted more towards energy-efficient window treatments which is the reason that the use of exterior shading solutions is becoming common. The shutters or blinds on the outer side don’t let the heat and sunlight fall directly into your rooms and in the similar way in the cold weather it keeps the indoor warm by preserving the inside warmness. Such kinds of solutions are not only good to keep up the temperature balance inside a house; rather these also help a lot in cutting down the high utility bills.

Layering Window Treatments

For adding elegance, luxury and sleekness, the use of layering window treatments is becoming popular. The layering window treatments involve using different types of valences, side treatments, roller shades and shutters, which transform a window to focal point in an area or room.

Semi-Sheer Window Treatments

For an indoor area, such as a living room or dining room, where it does not require you to have an extra privacy, using semi-sheer window treatments is the best choice as it allows the light to pass through easily. This is how, along with adding a decorative element and serving as a separation, this kind of window treatment lets the light to pass through easily. If you want maximum light to pass through, then use the curtains with minimum thickness.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are used in the windows of the areas where you want maximum privacy along with the proper natural light such as a study room or a bathroom in the first floor. The shades are also known as top-down or bottom-up shades. Most of the modern house designs in Lahore, usually have these kinds of window treatments.